From the Defense of Our Rights to a Socialist Future!

Platform of the Corrente Comunista Revolucionária, March 2016,




1.             Down with the coup! No to impeachment and to “corruption-investigations” which are just a tool for the right-wing opposition and the state apparatus to destroy our democratic rights.


2.             Defeat the coup-plotters in the streets by independents mass mobilizations by the working class and the oppressed! Force CUT and all mass organizations to struggle consistently for our rights! For mass demonstrations, occupation of squares, and general strikes against the coup plotters! For the formation of anti-coup action committees in all workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, etc.


3.             Dismissal of all pro-coup judges as well as pro-coup army and police officers! For the formation of self-defense units to defend the people against the pro-coup army! Call the ordinary soldiers and police men to refuse the coup activities!


4.             The private media support the coup. For nationalization of the mass media under workers control! For the occupation of the media by anti-coup action committees!


5.             Defend the PT, Lula and Dilma against the right-wing attacks! But no political support for the popular-front government! Fight against their anti-workers austerity measures!


6.             Higher wages, lower prices! End unemployment by a public works program – financed by the rich and the multinational corporations! The land to our landless brothers and sisters and to the small camponês – expropriate the big land owners and the multinational corporations!


7.             Equal rights for women as well as for our black-, indigenous- and migrant brothers and sisters. Only if the oppressed are united we can defend ourselves consistently!


8.             Nationalize the property of the multinational corporations under the control of the workers. No cooperation with any imperialist great powers like the USA, EU, China, Japan and Russia!


9.             For the formation of a government of the working class in alliance with the urban poor and the landless peasants in Brazil and everywhere! We can only secure our future and our rights if we overthrow capitalism which creates this misery!


10.          The CCR – Corrente Comunista Revolucionária - is dedicated to build a really revolutionary party in all of Brazil and Latin America. This is the only way in which we can fight consistently for our rights!


11.          We support the positions of our international organization CCRI/RCIT on international issues (Solidarity with the Anti-Marci movement in Argentina! For a Free and Red Palestine! Defend the Syrian Revolution against Assad and the Great Powers! For the rights of refugees in Europe and against the anti-Migrant and anti-Muslim racists! Liberate Africa from imperialism! Etc.).


One world – one struggle – one revolution!