Platform of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency (CCR, Section of the RCIT/CCRI in Brazil)


1.            Defend democratic rights – no to golpism! Defeat the golpists in the streets by mobilizing the working class and the popular masses independent of the popular front!

2.            End the attacks on the rights of working people! PT: Break with the capitalists and imperialists; stop the attacks on your own rank and file! For a militant struggle of workers against these attacks! For the formation of action committees in the workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, and villages to organize the struggle!

3.            No to imperialism! Nationalize foreign companies under control of the workers! Nationalize the banks and fuse them into a single central bank under workers’ control! Down with the imperialism of the US and the EU as well as that of China and Russia! End Brazilian participation in the imperialist intervention in Haiti!

4.            Down with racism and police violence! Equality for black Brazilians and the indigenous peoples, including equal wages for equal jobs! For the creation of self-defense committees of workers and oppressed against police violence and racist attacks!

5.            Nationalize all land appropriated by foreign companies as well as the lands of the large landowners! Distribute the land to the landless and the poor peasants!

6.            Jobs and housing for the poor of the favelas! Transfer the homes of the rich and all unoccupied houses to the homeless and poor! For a massive program of public employment to construct adequate housing for all together with schools, hospitals, care facilities, and similar institutions! Finance such a program by taxing the rich and expropriating the superrich!

7.            For women’s liberation! Stop the violence against women! Build free nurseries for all! For a revolutionary movement of working and poor women! For an end to discrimination against the youth and homosexuals! Defend the rights of the elderly and the disabled! Equal rights for all religions (especially the African religions)! We respect all religious beliefs and reject religious intolerance. For the complete separation of Church and State!

8.            Stop the destruction of the environment by capitalism! Replace sources of energy harmful to the environment with renewable and clean sources of energy under the control of the working class and the trade unions!

9.            Solidarity with the worldwide struggle of the oppressed! Defend the blacks and Latinos against racist police in the US! Solidarity with the struggle of the workers and poor everywhere in Latin America! Victory to the Arab Revolution! Support the fight against the oppressive, pro-imperialist military dictatorship in Egypt! Victory to the revolution in Syria against Assad as well as against IS/Daesh! Stop the imperialist attacks against and occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Central Africa, and Chechnya. Down with the Apartheid state of Israel! For a Free, Red Palestine!

10.          Defend Venezuela against imperialism, but give no political support to the state capitalist Bolivarian government! Stop the restoration of capitalism in Cuba! Solidarity with the struggle against austerity in Greece and everywhere in Europe!

11.          Nationalize all banks and corporations under workers’ control! For a Brazil in which the workers, peasants, and poor have the power! For a workers’ government based on mass action committees and self-defense committees to overthrow capitalism and break with imperialism! For this we need a socialist revolution! For the formation of a Federation of Red Workers’ and Peasant Republics in Latin America!

12.          The CCR is dedicated to building an authentic revolutionary organization to struggle for the rights of the workers and the poor. Support the formation of the CCRI/RCIT as a revolutionary international organization! For a Revolutionary 5th International of the World Working Class (World Party of Socialist Revolution)!