Freedom for the Chechen People! Down with Putin and Kadyrov!

Report (with Pictures and Videos) from the RKO BEFREIUNG (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 26 February 2017,




The Chechen migrant community in Austria organized a rally on 23 February in commemoration of the mass deportation of the Chechen people by the regime of Stalin in 1944. As a result of this genocidal act, up to half of the Chechen people lost their lives.


About 100 people participated in the rally. Many activists reported the fears which many Chechen migrants feel when they consider participating in public political events, given the constant threat of repression against their relatives at home by the terrorist thugs of the regime of Ramsam Kadyrov, the local Chechen marionette of Russia’s Putin regime.


Michael Pröbsting, the International Secretary of the RCIT, was asked to address the rally as one of the speakers. In his speech, comrade Pröbsting expressed the RCIT’s unambiguous solidarity with the Chechen people and their liberation struggle against the oppression of imperialist Russia.


Two days later the Chechen migrant community held a conference in a Viennese hotel which was again dedicated to the memory of victims of the mass deportations of 1944. About 150 people participated in this conference.


Here, too, the Austrian section of the RCIT was invited to participate and comrade Pröbsting was once again asked to deliver a speech. In his address, he expressed the outrage of the RCIT, as a revolutionary socialist organization, over the brutal oppression of the Chechen and other peoples by the dictatorship of Stalin, as well as that of many communists who opposed Stalinism. He said that, today, the Chechens are facing imperialist oppression by the Putin regime. And, rather than being “terrorism” the resistance of the Chechen people to this oppression is just!




To view the speeches of comrade Pröbsting (in German) as well as some photographs of the rally and conference, click the following link:


You can read a summary of the RCIT’s position on the Chechen liberation struggle in Chapter III of our book Building the Revolutionary Party in Theory and Practice -- Looking Back and Ahead after 25 Years of Organized Struggle for Bolshevism. (Go to the subchapter „1994 until Today: The Uprising of the Chechen People against the Russian Occupation“):