Communist Party of Austria Bars Austrian Section of the RCIT from Participating in Its Annual Festival


By Revolutionary Communist Organization BEFREIUNG (RKOB, Austrian Section of the RCIT), 31 August 2016,




The national leadership of the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) has informed the Austrian section of the RCIT (RKOB) that it will be barred from participating in the party’s annual festival this year on 3/4 September. For decades the KPÖ has been holding an annual festival, the Austrian version of the L’Humanité Fête of the French Communist Party or various other Communist Parties in Europe.


For 25 years, we, whether as part of our recursor organizations or as the RKOB since its founding in 2011, have participated the CP’s annual festival with a stall paid for by us, like many other progressive organizations. However, the leadership of the CP recently informed us that this year we will not be allowed to set up a stall. In a letter sent by the CP to the RKOB, the explanation given for barring our participation were “serious differences on important international questions (your viewpoint on Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the situation in Iraq, in Syria and in particular your viewpoint on IS).


As we have reported in the past, the Communist Party of Austria has been a main opponent of the Austrian section of the RCIT for many years, and continually takes exception to our consistent anti-imperialist, anti-racist and anti-Zionist program and practices; practices we have put into operation, for example, by organizing numerous activities against imperialist wars, solidarity with the Palestinian resistance and the Arab Revolution, in the struggle against Islamophobia and racism, and in our collaboration with migrant communities. On May Day of 2016 we organized a successful internationalist demonstration together with Syrian, Egyptian, Arab-Iranian, Tunisian and Latin American migrants. (1)


As a result, the Communist Party of Austria has felt itself obliged to publish various polemics attacking our organization and, in light of our increasing popularity and strength, it is now attempting to silence us via bureaucratic measures. (2)


These bureaucratic measures are the logical result of the CP’s reformist and social-imperialist policy. It is the sister party of the French Communist Party which voted for the introduction of French president Hollande’s emergency regime against Muslim migrants and its imperialist war in Iraq. The Communist Party of Austria also maintains friendly relations with the Iraqi Communist Party which has a record of collaboration with the US occupation. Furthermore, the CP has a record of collaboration with radical pro-Zionist organizations. The CP’s youth organization, for example, was among the organizers of pro-Israel rallies during the Gaza war in 2012 under the slogan “Free Gaza from Hamas”! (3)


Irrespective of the CP’s efforts to hinder our work, as the Austrian section of the RCIT, we in the RKOB will continue our revolutionary work in solidarity with all oppressed peoples and against the great imperialist powers and their social-imperialist lackeys.


For a more detailed statement in German on the CPA’s decision to bar the RKOB from its annual festival, see: Almedina Gunić: Anti-Imperialismus und Palästina-Solidarität– Die großen Feindbilder der KPÖ. Über den Ausschluss der RKO BEFREIUNG vom Volksstimmefest 2016, 31. August 2016,






(1) See the Report on May Day 2016 in Austria: Joint Resistance against Racist Attacks. Forceful, militant, internationalist demonstration despite racist attacks, Report (with Pictures and Videos) on the multinational, internationalist demonstration in Vienna marking May Day 2016 organized by the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION,


(2) See, for example,. the CPA’s polemics against the RKOB during the Gaza war in 2014 and at the beginning of the new imperialist drive in Iraq and Syria: Roland Steixner: "Revolutionärer" Wahnsinn, KPÖ, 08.10.2014,; KPÖ Wien: Stoppt das Morden - Gewalt ist keine Lösung, 18. Juli 2014 Our reply to these polemics can be appear in an article in Germany by Michael Pröbsting: Die KPÖ und Obamas Krieg im Nahen Osten. Antwort auf eine neuerliche KPÖ-Polemik gegen die RKO BEFREIUNG, 25.10.2014,; Michael Pröbsting: Gaza-Krieg: Israel-freundliche KPÖ verleumdet erneut die RKO-BEFREIUNG, 25.7.2014,


(3) See