The Main Terrorists are Obama, Hollande, Putin, Assad, and al-Sisi!

We Reject the Statement of the Preparatory Committee for the World Social Forum in Tunis on the Terrorist Attack of 18 March

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Brazil, USA, Britain and Austria), 21.3.2015


1.            The Preparatory Committee of the upcoming WSF in Tunis has issued two statements in reaction to the terrorist attack on Western tourists which took place there on 18 March. In this attack, for which the reactionary Islamic State is allegedly responsible, 21 persons were killed – nearly all of them Western tourists. In their statements, the WSF Preparatory Committee declares: “Through this attack, terrorist groups attempted to undermine the democratic transition Tunisia and the region are currently experiencing while creating a climate of fear amongst citizens who aspire to freedom, democracy and pacific participation in establishing democracy. The quick response from the social movement and all the political bodies in Tunisia opposed to terrorism, calling upon unity to fight it, proves how Tunisians care about their recent democratic experience.” In addition, WSF Preparatory Committee declared that the slogan of the march on 24 March, at the opening of the WSF, should be “'Peoples of the world united against terrorism”.

2.            The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) strongly denounces this position of the WSF Preparatory Committee. Naturally, we reject and condemn terrorist attacks like the one committed on 18 March. But we consider as pathetic hypocrisy the WSF Preparatory Committee’s shedding of so many tears about a score of dead Western tourists while, at the same time, thousands have been slaughtered in Egypt during the past 18 months by the military dictatorship of al-Sisi, and hundreds of thousands have been killed by US, French, Russian, and other imperialists in places like Syria, Iraq, Chechnya, and Mali! In fact it is Obama, Hollande, Putin, Assad, and al-Sisi who are the primary terrorists, and it is against them that we must direct our mass protests! Therefore the slogan of the demonstration on 24 March should rather be: “'Peoples of the world united against Obama, Hollande, Putin, Assad, and al-Sisi!

3.            It is no less pathetic and contradictory to the initial understanding of the Social Forum movement that the Preparatory Committee calls for “unity of all the political bodies in Tunisia to fight terrorism”. This is the same reactionary policy like the one of Hollande, the President of French Imperialism, after the terrorist attack on the racist magazine Charlie Hebdo. We reject any unity with the ruling class, including with the pseudo-democratic regime of Tunisian President Beij Caid Essebsi. This reactionary, pro-imperialist regime represents the continuation of the old Ben Ali regime before January 2011. In contrast to the WSF Preparatory Committee, the RCIT calls for the international unity of all workers, peasants, and poor to fight against imperialism and its minions!

4.            We call upon all democratic, anti-imperialist, and socialist forces planning to be present at the WSF meeting to jointly oppose the policy of the WSF Preparatory Committee, which is nothing less than outright capitulation to the Essebsi regime and international imperialism!