Advance the Unity of Revolutionaries in Kenya, Africa and Internationally!


Declaration of Fraternal Relations between the Circle “Alkebulan School of Black Studies” (Kenya) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, 19 February 2018,




1.             After a period of discussion and collaboration the Circle “Alkebulan School Of Black Studies” (Kenya), and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) have decided to establish fraternal relations.


2.             The programmatic basis for our fraternal relations constitutes the RCIT’s “Manifesto for the Revolutionary Liberation of Black Africa” ( Likewise the Circle “Alkebulan School of Black Studies” agrees with the analysis and conclusions of the RCIT’s Six Points for a Platform of Revolutionary Unity Today”. (


3.             We consider Africa as a highly important region – both as a place for super-exploitation by the imperialist Great Powers (like the US, EU, China) and the local capitalists as well as a key area for the liberation struggle of the international working class and the oppressed people. We will therefore collaborate in order to advance the struggle against capitalist exploitation and imperialist oppression in Kenya and the whole African continent. In particular we plan to jointly develop and fight for a revolutionary Action Program for the liberation of the workers, poor peasants and youth in Kenya. Likewise we will intensify our discussion in order to develop the basis for a fusion of our organizations.


4.             We call upon revolutionaries in Kenya, Africa and internationally to join us in our struggle to rebuild a revolutionary World Party – an international party determined to fight for socialist revolution in Africa and around the world!