After the Fall of Aleppo: Militant Protest of Syria Refugees

Report (with Pictures and Videos) from a Rally of the Syrian Community in Vienna on 15 December 2016


By the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 15.12.2016,




In face of the fall of Aleppo, more than 1.000 Syrian refugees demonstrated in front of the Russian embassy in Vienna to express their outrage about the ongoing massacre. The demonstrators showed their unwavering solidarity with the ongoing liberation struggle against the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad and against the military aggression of the Great Powers. Given the ongoing tragedy in Aleppo, the mood at the demonstration was particularly militant. Several more demonstrations are planned for the next days.


The organizers of the demonstrations invited the Austrian Section of the RCIT to participate in the rally and asked our comrades Michael Pröbsting and Almedina Gunić to hold speeches at the rally.


In his address Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, expressed the RCIT’s unconditional solidarity with the Syrian Revolution (see the link to the video below). He also denounced the reactionary intervention of the Great Powers in Syria. Comrade Pröbsting emphasized that the defeat in Aleppo demonstrates that it is crucial to draw lessons in order to continue the revolution. He said: “First: No trust in the U.S. and the EU. The resistance must not trust that Obama or Merkel would really give assistance. No collaboration with the Great Powers! Secondly: No to sectarianism! Irrespective of religion, of ethnical origin – we have to unite and to fight against the dictatorship of Assad! Thirdly: The leadership of the resistance must be put under control. No one must be allowed to speak unilaterally for the Syrian people but they must be controlled. No militia must act unilaterally but must be put under the control of the people! If we are going this way we can make up for the defeat in Aleppo! Then it is possible to continue the revolution – until Assad is overthrown, until the working people in Syria have achieved freedom and taken power!


Comrade Gunić, leader of the Austrian section of the RCIT, emphasized in her speech the desperate necessity to continue the international solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. Both speeches were met with enthusiastic response. Both comrades were also asked for interviews by several TV stations (including Al-Jazeera). (See the link to the videos below)


The RCIT has supported the Syrian Revolution from its beginning in March 2011. We call the workers movement, in particular the trade unions, to organize an international solidarity campaign for the oppressed Syrian people and at the same time to oppose any military aggression of the imperialist Great Powers – be it Russia, the US or the European Union. We will continue this solidarity work despite the increasing obstacles in the struggle for the successful liberation of the Syrian workers and peasants!


Aleppo has fallen – Aleppo will rise again!




See pictures and video clips of the rally’s speeches at the following link:





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