Austria: Mass Demonstration in Solidarity with Refugees

Report (with Pictures and Videos) from the anti-racist Demonstration on 19 March in Vienna by the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 20.3.2016,




Thousands of people demonstrated on 19 March in Vienna in solidarity with refugees and against racism. This was a strong signal against the racist offensive both by the Austrian government as well as by the right-wing opposition.


The Austrian section of the RCIT joined the demonstration with a very lively and militant contingent of nearly 100 activists. In addition to the activists of our youth organization RED*REVOLUTION and the young workers group RED*RESISTANCE, dozens of migrants and refugees from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Honduras and other countries – with whom we have organized numerous activities in past years – participated in our contingent.


We shouted many slogans against the racist rabble-rousing, for the opening of the borders, and for solidarity with the Arab Revolution. We used the long demonstration to give a number of short speeches. Leaders of the Austrian Section of the RCIT, like Almedina Gunić, Michael Pröbsting, Johannes Wiener, Marek Hangler and Rahime Berisha, explained our struggle for open borders and for solidarity with the Arab Revolution. We also emphasized the importance of the struggle for women’s liberation


Our contingent varied significantly from other left-wing groups not only because of its size and its militant spirit. In contrast to all reformist and centrist groups, the RCIT in Austria stands in active solidarity with the liberation struggle in Syria, Egypt, Yemen and other countries against the dictatorships and against imperialism. Furthermore, one could see yet once again that we are not merely white anti-racists who are only in favor of the rights for migrants and refugees; but that we actively fight together with migrants and refugees, and that we are building a multinational revolutionary organization. We will continue this path.


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