Advance the Revolutionary Struggle in Nigeria, Africa and Internationally!


Joint Declaration of Fraternal Relations between the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 9 May 2018,




1.             After discussing the RCIT’s “Manifesto for the Revolutionary Liberation of Black Africa” ( the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (PACOR) has arrived at the following conclusions.


a) It agrees in general with the political analysis and the revolutionary strategy formulated in the Manifesto.


b) It stresses its agreement with the assessment that China has become an imperialist Great Power and represents an important rival to the old imperialist powers like the US, Britain, France etc.


c) It shares the anti-imperialist strategy to fight for the expulsion of all Great Powers from the African continent.


d) It emphasizes the necessity to fight for the expropriation of the (foreign and domestic) capitalist class in order to overthrow the system of exploitation.


e) It agrees with the strategy to fight for a full liberation of Nigeria and the whole of Africa via the methods of class struggle resulting in a national and international socialist revolution. This is the road to achieve the United Socialist States of Africa.


f) Concerning the struggle against capitalist dictatorships, PACOR and the RCIT emphasize that it is important to differentiate the following issues of which each aspect is important:


i) Revolutionaries denounce the Western hypocrisy when they utilize critique of authoritarian regimes and human rights violation as a pretext to interfere in the political life in other countries.


ii) We emphasize that it is the task of the working class and the oppressed – and not of any Great Power or the United Nations (which is an instrument of the imperialists) – to fight against dictatorship. Hence revolutionaries support popular struggles against authoritarian regimes and for democratic rights (e.g. in Togo, DRC, West Papua, Egypt, Syria).


iii) In case of any imperialist aggression (e.g. Iraq 1991 and 2003, Afghanistan 2003, Somalia since 1993, Mali since 2013, Syria since 2015, etc.), revolutionaries must stand for the unconditional defence of the semi-colonial country and for the defeat of the imperialist powers. At the same time we lend no political support for the forces at the leadership of these semi-colonial countries (Saddam Hussein, petty-bourgeois Islamists etc.).


2) On the basis of such an agreement with the Africa Manifesto as well as with the joint May Day 2018 Statement (including the “Six Points for a Platform of Revolutionary Unity Today”; PACOR and RCIT have decided to establish fraternal relations.


3.             In the framework of such fraternal relations we strive to deepen our discussion and collaboration in order to achieve the closest possible unity, and if possible fusion, between our forces. We will collaborate in elaborating a revolutionary Action Program for the liberation of the workers, poor peasants and youth in Nigeria. Aiming for the advance the struggle against capitalist exploitation and imperialist oppression in Nigeria and the whole African continent, we will work together in order to rebuild a revolutionary World Party – an international party determined to fight for socialist revolution in Africa and around the world!