Declaration of Fraternal Relations between El Mundo Socialista and the RCIT


El Mundo Socialista, 26th August 2013,




The Blog El Mundo Socialista (EMS) announces its political approximation and the establishment of fraternal relations with the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT).


This is based on the political analyzes and conclusion which the RCIT has made of major events in the international class struggle and with which this blog agrees. It is therefore only natural that we start joint political work.


Our agreements include the RCIT’s analyzes of the revolutionary events in the Arab world (including the counterrevolutionary military coup in Egypt and the civil war in Syria), Israel's role as the spearhead of imperialism in the Middle East, the need to review and renounce the concepts and practice of the tradition of the degenerated Fourth International and its splits after 1948-52, the question of the capitalist state China which in recent years is in the process to become an advanced imperialist power, and the question of the capitalist restoration process in Cuba. All these are issues which lead us to establish fraternal relations with the RCIT.