Greetings for New Year 2014 from the RCIT

Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 31.12.2013,


Dear comrades, brother and sisters!


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sends greetings to all fighters for the liberation of the working class and the oppressed! Let us make 2014 a successful year in advancing both the struggle for liberation as well as the struggle to build an instrument for this task: a World Party of Socialist Revolution.

The past year has seen numerous heroic struggles of the masses against the capitalist rulers and their lackeys. We send our greetings to the workers, peasants and youth who have taken part in so many struggles against exploitation and oppression.

Let us give a few examples:

* The liberation struggle against the reactionary dictatorship of Assad in Syria which until now has cost the lives of more than 100.000 people.

* The protests against the military coup d’état of General Sisi on 3rd July in Egypt during which the army killed about 3.000 demonstrators.

* The spontaneous mass uprisings in June in Brazil against high transport prices and corruption in politics.

* The equally spontaneous mass uprisings in Turkey against police brutality and the Erdogan regime.

* The mass protests in India against the regular sexual violence and humiliation of women.

* In South Africa tens of thousands of workers and youth are breaking with the ANC and the treacherous Stalinist CPSA and strive for a radical political alternative.

* The general strikes in Greece against the EU-Troika imposed austerity policy and the mass protests against the fascist Golden Dawn party.

We also send our greetings to those who are resisting imperialist occupation in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Mali or the Central African Republic. We welcome their struggle to drive out the Great Power mercenaries.

Let us remark that a number of the imperialist interventions in the past 15 years have been ordered by governments led by social democratic parties. These social democratic bureaucrats are simply social-imperialists as Lenin formulated it so well. Equally we condemn the ex-Stalinists of the European Left Party. Their French Party – the so-called “Communist Party” and the Front de Gauche – have directly or indirectly supported these interventions.

Finally we denounce those Stalinists who rally to support the bourgeois dictatorship of the Assad the butcher, who hail the reactionary coup d’état in Egypt and who praise the Chinese Stalinist-capitalist regime.

Equally we reject those petty-bourgeois Islamist forces which mislead the liberations struggles in the Arab Revolution and try to exploit them for their reactionary agenda.

All this underlines the desperate need to build an alternative leadership of the working class and the oppressed. As Bolshevik-Communists we say that the struggle for liberation cannot win as long as we have not succeeded in the formation of a revolutionary combat party nationally and internationally. Only such a party can give the necessary leadership for those struggles. Only such a party can transmit the communist program into the masses. It is therefore the central task of all consistent revolutionary forces to focus on building such a combat party.

The RCIT is dedicated to build such a party nationally and internationally. While we are fully aware that our forces remain small compared with the huge tasks ahead, we have every reason to look into the future with full optimism. Building the RCIT is the central contribution we can make to advance the formation of the World Party of Socialist Revolution.

In the past year we have expanded our international tendency from 4 countries (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, USA and Austria) to 6, winning new comrades in Occupied Palestine/Israel and Brazil. We are discussing and collaborating with a number of organizations and activists in other countries and we hope that we can join forces with them in order to advance the formation of a strong Bolshevik international organization.

We have developed communist positions on all major issues of the international class struggle and published them on our website and in our monthly international journal “Revolutionary Communism”. We have produced two books – on imperialism and on capitalist restoration in Cuba. A publishing house will publish a German translation of one of them – THE GREAT ROBBERY OF THE SOUTH – in two months time.

We have also intervened in the class struggle: at the Palestinian demonstration against the Prawer plan, the struggles of Pakistani workers and oppressed nations, the struggle of the Tamil plantation workers for a living wage or at the teachers trade union congress in Brazil – to give just a few examples. Most recently RED*REVOLUTION – the youth organization affiliated with the Austrian section – initiated and led two school students strikes with thousands young people participating.

In short: 2013 was a very intense and successful year for the RCIT!

We look forward to deepen the discussions and collaborations with revolutionaries in other counties with the view of joining forces. Let us march forward!


Workers and Oppressed, Unite!

Forward in building the Fifth Workers’ International on a revolutionary basis!

Forward in building the RCIT!


Revolutionary Greetings,

International Secretariat of the RCIT