Greetings to the 3rd Congress of the Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency and the Internationalist Socialist League, 29.3.2013


Dear comrades,


From Pakistan, Sri Lanka, USA, Austria and Israel/Occupied Palestine we send our revolutionary greetings to your 3rd Congress. As you are aware your congress takes place in an important conjuncture of the new historic revolutionary period which opened in 2008. The political and economic crisis of capitalism deepens and the class struggle intensifies. But at the same time the crisis of the working class’s leadership deepens too. If the working class does not overcome this crisis in time – i.e. if it does not constitute new revolutionary workers parties as well as an International – it will suffer a series of defeats.


To address this crisis of leadership, revolutionaries must take energetic steps now to build an international communist organization based on an active orientation towards the class struggle and a program which is based on the method of Trotsky’s “Transitional Program” of 1938 but applied to the conditions of the early 21st century.



We have elaborated our understanding of the revolutionary program which the international working class needs to meet the challenges of the present historic period in the RCIT’s ”The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto”. (which is online at In our recently adopted document “The World Situation and the Tasks of the Bolshevik-Communists” we try to identify the most important issues of the international class struggle as well as the central programmatic and organizational tasks for revolutionaries (this document is online Since we consider an international program and perspective as the essential basis for any internationalist revolutionary organization we would appreciate if you could send us your respective documents. This would enable us to better follow your political development and open the possibility for a dialogue between revolutionaries – something which we consider as centrally important today.



One of the important issues today is the question of the Workers Government as you rightly point out in your journal TPR Internacional. It seems decisive for us to emphasize the idea which the Communist International under Lenin and Trotsky and later the Fourth International considered raised: We demand from the reformist or centrist workers organizations (trade unions, parties) to break with the Popular Front and form a government without the bourgeois forces. This is – as Lenin and Trotsky pointed out – an application of the united front tactic. Similarly revolutionaries would put concrete demands to such a “Bourgeois Workers Government” and at the same time warn against any illusions in the reformists to implement consistently such a program. They must rather warn the workers of the inevitable betrayal of these reformists. Such a tactic might be particularly important in countries like Greece where illusion are high in the left-reformist SYRIZA party.



The Workers Government which revolutionaries propose is of course not a reformist one but one which bases itself on the organs of working class power (Action Councils of the Masses, armed militias).



Dear comrades, we leave it with these short remarks. We hope to have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with you in the future and wish you the best for your congress.

Bolshevik Greetings,


Michael Pröbsting (International Secretary of the RCIT)


Yossi Schwartz (for the ISL)