Let Us Turn the Trump Era into an Era of Consistent Revolutionary Struggle!

A call to join the 21 January’s International Women’s Demonstration against the Inauguration of US President Trump


Issued by the International Women’s Secretariat of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), www.thecommunists.net, 18th January 2017




On 21 January we will witness one of the largest international women’s days of action in history, with more than one million women marching against the inauguration of the new US president, Donald Trump. There is no doubt about the importance of the protest or its exceptional character. The first full day in office of this openly racist, sexist, Islamophobic, imperialist billionaire has become a new 8 March – the historical international women’s day.


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) calls upon all activists of the workers’ movement and the organizations of the oppressed to join this important day of action and to support the international women’s protest.


The initiative of the upcoming women protest emerged from the US. It will include all the other oppressed layers like migrants and Muslims, black people and Native Americans, youth and the LGBT communities in addition to others. Women represent a significant part in all oppressed layers. Therefore, the struggle against all other forms of oppression must be included in women’s protests. The International Women’s Secretariat of the RCIT applauds the opening of the Women’s March on 21 January to all progressive men so they can take part in the preparations and participate in the protests.


Recently we have witnessed impressive movements of the oppressed in the US like the Black Lives Matter Movement and the fight of the Native Americans on the land of Standing Rock. The upcoming women’s protest should turn towards these movements, as well as towards the oppressed people in the semi-colonial countries who will suffer the most from the Trump Era. All revolutionaries should fight for the expansion of the protests and for the creation of a proletarian women’s movement. All revolutionaries should struggle for a consistent and authentic revolutionary leadership in such a women’s movement. This is not only the task of revolutionary women, but of their male comrades as well.


The revolutionary year of 1917 in Russia was initiated by the protest of the working class women on the 8 March (23 February according to the old, Julian calendar) which transformed international women’s day into the February Revolution. The best way we today can honor this revolutionary tradition of our sisters exactly one century ago is by our actions in practice. May the vanguard role of the women in the February Revolution 1917 be revived today by a vanguard role of working class women and all oppressed!


The Women’s March on the International Day of Action can become the starting point for the building of a Revolutionary Working Class Women’s Movement. It can become the starting point of an international mass movement against the Trump administration as well as against imperialism in general. I this way it has the potential of transforming the Trump Era into an Era of consistent revolutionary struggle by the oppressed worldwide!


Let us march together – on the 21 January and beyond – for the liberation of all oppressed!