Land Day in Palestine: Solidarity Rally in Austria on 30th March

Report from the RKOB (Austrian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency)


On 30th March 2013 the activists of the Revolutionary Communist Organization for Liberation (RKOB) organized a rally in the center of the 10th district of Vienna – the biggest working class district of the city – in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. On the anniversary of Land Day speeches were hold and leaflets distributed with the slogans: “Free and democratic Palestine! For a third Intifada!” as well as “Smash the Apartheid state Israel and replace it with a Workers and Peasants Republic in Palestine from the River to the Sea!”


We distributed the statement of our comrades from the Internationalist Socialist League (ISL) in Israel/Occupied Palestine “Land Day 2013: From a Symbolic Struggle to a Real Struggle” (see in German and Arab language.


The RCIT supports this statement and collaborates closely with the ISL comrades.

The interest from the ordinary people living in this district (which has a big proportion of migrants) was very high. Many of them bought newspapers, gave donations, took leaflets and discussed with the activists about Palestine. Also dozens of them filled out contact formulas and showed interest to participate in activities of the RKOB. A Turkish migrant woman of 38 years, mother of five children, for example, spoke long with us about the situation of migrants, took several publications and encouraged us to continue our struggle. Some took our flags and joined our rally for the whole period.

Several times, groups of young migrants stopped at our stall and expressed their support for the liberation struggle in Palestine. Many also saw the connection between the imperialist oppression of the people in the South and the national oppression of migrants in the Western world.

Our enemies also showed some interest in the RKOB rally. Three people from the Zionist milieu of the so-called “Anti-Germans” observed our rally and recorded the speeches. They hope to accumulate material to bring charges in the future against RKOB comrades as they did already in the past against our comrades Michael Pröbsting and Johannes Wiener.

Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, stated in his speeches in German and English that we support the resistance of the Palestinian fighters like Samer Al-Issawi who is imprisoned and in hunger strike. He expressed the RCIT’s support for the right of Millions of Palestinian refugees to return back to their homeland and the need to fight for a free, democratic and socialist Palestine. Comrade Pröbsting saluted also the liberation fighters in Syria, who are participating in the revolutionary struggle against Assad’s regime.

Johannes Wiener, National Secretary of the RKOB, said in his speech that the fight for freedom in Palestine has to be combined with the struggle of all oppressed internationally. He made clear that the oppression of the immigrants in Austria as well as in other countries shows that there exist a ruling class who has interest to pay less to women, immigrants, the youth for the same work in order to get higher profits. This capitalist class, comrade Wiener points out, has to be defeated by our class – not only in Palestine but worldwide.

Nina Gunić, International Women’s Secretary said in her speech that a new Palestine must be build on the basis of a socialist Workers and Peasants Republic of all Palestinians and all Jews who are willing to live together in peace and equality. She pointed out that such a free and democratic Palestine can not be build with reactionary settlers who are not willing to give the homeland of the Palestinians back to the refugees. A revolutionary struggle must therefore focus on the smashing of the Apartheid state Israel and be combined with the ongoing revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya and the whole region.

We stand for a new, a Third Intifada! Let us turn the anniversary of Land Day in future to real struggles for democracy and peace, for a free and socialist Palestine!


You can see photos and video clips from our Rally here.