MayDay Greetings from the RCIT


Dear comrades, brother and sisters!


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sends its warmest internationalist May Day greetings to all working class and socialist organizations and liberation movements.

Around the world the working class and the oppressed are fighting against poverty, repression and war. The Arab Revolution, the general strikes in Greece, Spain, Portugal and other countries, the Occupation movement, the heroic liberation struggle of the Palestinian people, the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, the Balochi people in Pakistan, the Tuareg in Mali and of many other people – they are all testimony for the unbroken desire of people to fight for their rights.

However our struggles often fail to win. What is lacking is a revolutionary party nationally and internationally which can give the necessary leadership for those struggles. Reformist trade union bureaucrats, Stalinism and Social democracy, petty-bourgeois libertarian forces, nationalist or religions forces – they are all incapable and/or unwilling to fight for a perspective which can achieve a socialist world.

It is the central task of all consistent socialist forces to build a revolutionary party. Such a party must have a program to smash the capitalist regime by a socialist revolution and it must be rooted in the working class. We can only succeed in this task if we base ourselves on Lenin’s and Trotsky’s lessons from the history of the Bolshevik Party and later the Third and Fourth International. We have no reason to make any concessions to the various new-fashioned critics of Bolshevism. They represent the vacillations of the progressive sectors amongst the petty bourgeoisie.

To move forward in our struggle we have to defend and develop Marxism as the scientific doctrine of the working class liberation struggle. We must build fighting organizations rooted amongst the workers and the oppressed. We must consistently fight against all forms of petty-bourgeois influence in the working class and liberation movements which comes from the bureaucracy, the libertarians, the nationalists and the centrists.

The comrades in the RCIT in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, USA and Austria are dedicated to build such a party nationally and internationally. We want to join forces with all consistent socialist activists and organizations. We invite comrades to study our views and in particular our new programme. Those documents can be read on the RCIT website:


Workers and Oppressed, Unite!

Forward in building the Fifth Workers’ International on a revolutionary basis!


Revolutionary Greetings,

Michael Pröbsting and Shujat Liaqat (for the RCIT)