Report on MayDay 2013 from the RKOB (Austrian Section of the RCIT)


On MayDay 2013 the Revolutionary Communist Organization for Liberation (RKOB) called together with the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION for a multi-national and militant demonstration in Vienna. Since 2005 we organize together with several Stalinist, Centrist and Maoist organizations the internationalist MayDay demonstration - organizations like the Communist Initiative and a number of Turkish Organizations like ATIGF (Federation of Workers and Youth from Turkey in Austria), ADHF (Federation for democratic rights in Austria), the Organization of Labor Immigrants in Austria and others. We are organizing these demonstrations as an alternative to the one of the Communist Party which remains too sectarian to work together in a multi-national alliance with all of these organizations.

More than 1.000 activists participated in the demonstration, chanting slogans in different languages. The young and multi-national contingent of RKOB and RED*REVOLUTION was characterized by a high level of organization and fighting spirit - as one can see from the numerous pictures and videos (see links below). We chanted slogans like: “One Solution – Revolution”, “Intifada”, “Free, Red Palestine”, “Black and White – Unite and Fight” and others.

Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, was – like all the years ago – a main organizer of the MayDay demonstration. He chaired the rally at the beginning of the demonstration and introduced the speakers. At the end of the rally he said: “The road to socialism is opened by revolutions. Long lives International Solidarity!

Nina Gunić, spokesperson of the RKOB, spoke at the final rally of the demonstration. She sent revolutionary greetings to all workers and oppressed and emphasized that the building of a revolutionary workers party is more urgent than ever before. She also said that the struggle of all workers and oppressed has to focus also on the struggle for the rights of women, the youth, migrants and national minorities. She finished her speech by calling in three languages “Unity!”: “Einheit! Birlik! Jedinstvo!

The spokesperson of RED*REVOLUTION, Marc Hangler addressed the demonstration at the opening rally and called for the abolishment of all privileges of the German language and for full and equal right for all migrants living in Austria. He said: “This country is not my country! We are living the international solidarity!” He emphasized that the unity of the workers needs the consistent struggle for the rights of the specially oppressed layers of our class.

Both speeches can be viewed at the links below.

Our contingent had two banners. The banner of RED*REVOLUTION read “Against Exploitation, Unemployment, War, Oppression and Racism! For socialism through Revolution!” The RKOB banner showed the heads of the most important Marxist leaders and read: “Marx, Engels, Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky: In their spirit we will fight and win!

In addition to this we addressed the participants of the social democratic demonstration by selling the May issue of the RKOB paper and having a book stall. All in all our intervention at the demonstration showed the progress which we made in the last 12 month.

Pictures of the demonstration can be found in the multi-media section of the RKOB website:

Videos of our contingent and of the speeches of Nina Gunić and Marc Hangler can also be found in the multi-media section of the RKOB website: