May Day 2014: The Only Way to Advance the Struggle for Liberation of the Workers and Oppressed – Revolutionaries Stand United!

Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Brazil, USA and Austria), the Communist Left of Australia and the Editor of the Blog (Sweden), April 2014


The undersigned organizations send their May Day greetings to all fighters for the liberation of the working class and the oppressed people throughout the world. We live in a world of increasing inter-imperialist rivalry, revolutionary uprisings, and counter-revolutionary threats. In this period of history, so revolutionary in nature, which commenced in 2008 with outbreak of the Great Recession, it is more urgent than ever to unite all authentic revolutionaries and to build new, truly revolutionary parties around the world, and to strive for the foundation of a Fifth Workers’ International.

Such a new World Party of Socialist Revolution must be built as a clear and unequivocal alternative to the current official leaderships of various camps – treacherous labor bureaucrats, leaders of the Social Democratic parties, heads of Stalinist parties, Bolivarianism, parties representing petit-bourgeois nationalism, and parties based on Islamism. These current leaderships consciously or unconsciously mislead the workers and oppressed. To replace such leaderships it is, first of all, incumbent to openly denounce them. However, at the same time, it is absolutely necessary for revolutionaries to fight inside existing mass movements and to apply the united front tactic towards their leaderships.

In the context of today’s complex class struggles and world political events, revolutionaries can only fight for the leadership of the liberation struggle if they pursue correct tactics and a clearly defined program. Time and again, we have seen that all centrist organizations, which purport to represent an alternative leadership, have failed miserably in their evaluations of which side to stand on when the barricades are drawn. In a world of increasing imperialist rivalry and massive class polarization, only an international revolutionary organization based on a solid program and encompassing an internationalist working class cadre can lead the working class along the correct path towards socialist revolution.

As revolutionaries, we take the following stands regarding current hotspots in the international realm:

* Down with Ukraine’s right-wing government, a government in which fascist forces actively participate and which is merely a puppet of US and EU imperialism! Smash the fascists! No support for any faction of oligarchs – neither pro-Western nor pro-Russian! No to Russia’s imperialist intervention in the Crimea! At the same time we defend the right of the Crimean population to join Russia! For equal rights and the right of national self-determination for all national minorities such as the Russians in the Ukraine and the Crimean Tatars!

* Down with all Great Imperialist Powers – the US, EU, Japan, China, and Russia! No support for any imperialist camp! In the Ukraine, in East Asia, and in any other military conflict between these powers or their puppets, socialists must relentlessly remind the workers: The main enemy is at home! Turn the imperialist war into a civil war against your own ruling class!

* Defeat the semi-fascist provocations in Venezuela! Defend Venezuela against US imperialism! Down with the new “Pacto de Punto Fijo”! Mobilize the working class against the attacks of the Maduro government! Break the working class away from the Bolivarian leadership which defends the capitalist system and collaborates with imperialist China! For an independent workers’ party based on a revolutionary program!

* Support the mass protests in Brazil against corruption, inflation, and the spending of public money on the rich! For organized self-defense against police repression! Fight within the trade unions to break them away from the PT, and build a new workers’ party based on a revolutionary program!

* Down with the military dictatorship of General Sisi in Egypt! Support the workers’ strikes and mass protests against the dictatorship! Defend the Muslim Brotherhood against repression, but give no political support to their bourgeois leadership! Denounce the support of the Egyptian Communist Party for the Sisi regime!

* Support the revolution in Syria! Down with the Assad-Regime, a puppet of Russian imperialism! No to any intervention from US and EU imperialism! No to the Geneva 2 negotiations which are laying the groundwork for a sell-out of the liberation struggle! No to the pro-Western FSA leadership and no to the Islamist leadership! For workers’ and popular councils and militias to organize the civil war against the Assad dictatorship! For international solidarity brigades!

* Defend the Palestinian people against Israel, the Zionist Apartheid state! In any conflict we stand for a military victory of the Palestinian resistance and the defeat of Israel! No political support for the Abbas/Fatah collaborationist leadership or for the reactionary Hamas leadership. For a Free, Red Palestine from the River to the Sea!

* Support the democratic protest movement against the Erdogan regime in Turkey! No support for the equally reactionary movement of Fethullah Gulen or for the CHP! For the right of national self-determination of the Kurdish people, including their right for an independent state!

* Victory to the Bosnian Revolution! Support the multinational struggle of the workers and poor in Bosnia against the capitalist austerity policies! Drive out troops from the US/EU as well as the imperialists’ institutions of colonial occupation! No to the imperialist UN trials in Den Haag! Place Karadzic, Mladić, and their ilk – the organizers of the genocidal war of 1992–95 against the Bosnian people – before workers’ and peasants’ tribunals, composed of the families and friends of the victims in the genocidal war! For workers’ and popular councils and militias! For an independent workers’ republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a step towards a socialist federation of the Balkan peoples!

* Workers and oppressed unite to fight the imperialist imposed austerity package and fascism in Greece! Fight for equal rights for nationally oppressed migrants and the super-exploited layer of the Greek working class! No illusions in the reformist parties! For a workers government based on working class councils and militias! Build a revolutionary communist party!

* Support the mass protest in Spain against the attack on women’s right to abortion! For a revolutionary working class women’s movement! Defend the Catalan and Basque peoples’ rights to form independent states!

* Down with imperialist aggression and occupation! In Afghanistan, Mali, Somalia, Iran, and North Korea, defeat the imperialist NATO forces and their local allies! Defend those resisting the imperialist invaders! No political support for nationalist, Islamist, or Stalinist forces!

* No to the imperialist border controls which only serve to keep a global Apartheid regime against the oppressed people of the semi-colonial world! For open borders – all migrants are welcome to come and live in the rich countries!

* Defeat the reactionary, pro-monarchist “Yellow Shirts” movement in Thailand! Break the workers’ and peasants’ rank and file of the “Red Shirts” movement away from the capitalist Thaksim leadership!

* Defend women’s rights in India! Mobilize against the reactionary rape culture! For armed self-defense units of women and progressive men to protect women! No to petty-bourgeois feminism – for a revolutionary working class women’s movement!

* Support NUMSA’s and other union’s break with the ANC and the pro-government faction in COSATU! Call for NUMSA to form a workers’ party now! However, don’t allow the NUMSA’s leaders to derail the prospect of an independent class struggle into a remake of the “Freedom Charter” or the popular-frontist UDF, the failed program of ANC politics in the 1980s. For a new mass workers’ party based on a revolutionary program! Denounce the Stalinist SACP which is part of the capitalist ANC government and which supports the repression of the militant workers’ vanguard, as it did during the Marikana massacre!


Revolutionaries must intervene in the class struggle and combine all necessary tactics with propagandizing for a program of working class power which can only be achieved by a socialist revolution. Such a program must be built on the methods outlined by Trotsky’s Transitional Program of 1938:

* Build action committees in work places and in workers living areas! Purge the trade unions of bureaucrats and collaborators with the capitalists! For democratic rank and file control over the trade unions! Build revolutionary communist fractions inside the trade unions! Transform the trade union in militant instruments for the socialist liberation struggle of the working class!

* For a sliding scale of working hours until everyone is employed without loss of pay!

* For the right of self determination for all oppressed national grouping deprived of the right to secede!

* For revolutionary movements of women, migrants, youth, unemployed, and national minorities! For the right of the oppressed to caucus in workers’ mass organizations and their movements!

* Build committees and action councils of the workers, peasants, and poor to organize the struggle!

* For armed workers and oppressed militias!

* Expropriate the capitalist class! Nationalize the large enterprises and banks under workers’ control!

* For a workers’ government allied with the peasants and urban poor and based on local councils and militias!

* Fight for new workers’ parties and for a Fifth Workers’ International based on a revolutionary program!


No future without socialism!

No socialism without revolution!

No revolution without a revolutionary party!



The Communist League of Australia states that it does not consider China to be an imperialist power.


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