For an Internationalist Working Class Campaign against Nationalist and pro-EU Chauvinism!


For a Joint Struggle against Racism and Imperialist War! For a United Socialist States of Europe!



An open letter to all revolutionary organizations and activists from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 28.6.2016,




The results of the BREXIT referendum in Britain have ignited a political crisis not only in the UK itself but throughout the entire European continent. On the one hand, the referendum has obviously strengthened reactionary nationalism, as is reflected in the increasing numbers of hate-crimes against migrants in Britain as well as in the surge of the far right in other Western European countries. On the other hand, the vote to remove Britain from the EU has also created confusion, uncertainty and nervousness among the forces of monopoly capital both in Britain and in Europe in general.



Shamefully, in the months leading up to last week’s historic referendum, large sectors of the left in Britain had called either for the country to LEAVE or REMAIN in the EU. In both cases, the proponents of these diametrically opposed positions were guilty of adapting to one of two imperialist camps. Those who supported LEAVE unabashedly adapted to the reactionary “UK First” imperialist camp dominated by the most extreme right-wing forces like UKIP; those in the left who called for a REMAIN vote no less shamelessly adapted to the pro-EU imperialist camp of the big bourgeoisie and the leadership of the Labour Party. Again, we contend that both strategies were and remain nothing more than variants of social-imperialism.



From the moment that the Cameron government committed itself to holding the referendum on the future of British membership in the EU, the RCIT repeatedly stated the dire importance for revolutionaries to oppose both versions of social-imperialism and instead raise the banner of working class internationalism. This meant and continues to mean that revolutionaries must join forces in order to:



1) Unequivocally reject support for both the “UK First” and the “EU First” positions, by abstaining in any such referendums in imperialist countries belonging to the European Union.


2) Organize the working class to struggle against the austerity offensive in all countries – whether inside or outside the EU – and come together to fight against the bosses on an international level.


3) Battle for Open Borders for all refugees, in addition to equal rights for all migrants.


4) Unite the working class in all countries – both inside and outside the EU – in an unrelenting struggle against imperialist wars; specifically: Down with Britain’s and the EU’s military intervention in Syria, Iraq, Mali etc.!


5) Give the highest expression to our struggle for the interests of the international working class by calling for a United Socialist Sates of Europe.




Naturally, as Marxists, we combine such a focused program with a socialist perspective which aims to bring about the revolutionary overthrow of all capitalist regimes and the founding of workers’ republics.



If you agree with the general outlook of this Open Letter, we urge you – both organizations and individual activists -- to contact us, giving us both your own ideas and any criticism you may have, so that we can take concrete steps towards further discussions and collaboration in launching such a campaign:



The RCIT has sections and activists in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Tunisia, Israel / Occupied Palestine, Brazil, Venezuela, Britain, Germany, the US, and Austria.


For a more extensive overview of the RCIT’s viewpoints, we refer you to our website In particular, we draw your attention to the following RCIT documents:




For more information on the RCIT’s position on the BREXIT referendum, please refer to the following statements posted on our website:


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RCIT: Boycott Cameron’s Trap: Neither Brussels, nor Downing Street! For Abstention in Britain’s EU-Referendum! For international Unity and Struggle of the Workers and Oppressed! Fight against both British as well as European Imperialism! Forward to the United Socialist States of Europe,


Michael Pröbsting. The British Left and the EU-Referendum (Download as a PDF),