Defend Refugee Rights! Support the Arab Revolution! Defeat EU Chauvinism and Imperialism!

Open Letter on EU-Chauvinism and Arab Re
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An Open Letter to All Revolutionary Organizations and Activists for an International Solidarity Campaign

Issued by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 22.05.2016,


Comrades, Brothers and Sisters!


We are living in a period in which the forces of reaction are gaining more and more strength. Imperialist governments in the EU are constructing walls to prevent the entry of refugees into the continent and their free movement once inside, augmented by the terrorizing of those who have made it; they impose “state of emergency” regimes and wage wars in North Africa and the Middle East. Zionist forces have launched an offensive in Europe to criminalize and pressurize activists who express solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle. At the same time, right-wing racist forces are achieving big gains in elections. In the Arab countries, the revolutionary process has been put on the defensive and the Great Powers (the US, EU and Russia) are attempting to liquidate the Syrian Revolution by any means necessary. And the racist, apartheid State of Israel continues to crush heroic Palestinian youth with brute force.


Shamefully, left-reformist forces like the ex-Stalinist Party of the European Left (PCF in France, LINKE in Germany, SYRIZA in Greece, etc.) either support such attacks or don’t raise a finger to mobilize against this reactionary offensive. This underlines once more the extreme urgency for authentic revolutionaries to unite in order to strengthen the struggle to build a new World Party of Socialist Revolution.


In such a situation it is urgent that revolutionaries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East as well as in other parts of the world join forces to fight against this counterrevolutionary offensive. Hence, the RCIT proposes to all revolutionary organizations and activists to launch a joint international campaign of solidarity around the following demands:


* Defend the Arab Revolution against its foreign and domestic enemies! Down with the reactionary regimes in Syria, Egypt, the Gulf monarchies as well as Tunisia! Defend Yemen against the Saudi Aggression! Smash the imperialist Apartheid State of Israel – Victory to the Palestinian Resistance!


* International solidarity with the ongoing Syrian Revolution! Continue the struggle until the whole Baathist state apparatus is smashed! Down with the military interventions of Russia and NATO! No to any negotiated settlement by the Great Powers! For the Kurdish people’s right to national self-determination! Down with the reactionary Daesh!


* Down with imperialist aggressions and wars! In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Mali, and Somalia: Defeat the imperialist NATO and Russian forces and their local allies! We are on the side of those resisting the imperialist invaders, but give no political support to nationalist or Islamist forces!


* Fight against chauvinism and militarism in Europe! Open the borders to refugees! Lift the state of emergency in France! No deployment of national armies on European streets! Defend Muslim migrants against Islamophobic racism! No to the criminalization of pro-Palestine solidarity activists! For a united front of mass organizations of the workers’ and migrants’ movements to drive racist and fascist forces from the streets!


* Equal rights for migrants! Equal wages and full citizenship rights! Equality for migrants and national minorities’ languages in education and public administration! For a public works program with jobs for all refugees and all unemployed native workers! Native workers and migrants – fight together against your common enemy: the ruling class in the EU and Russia and the dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa!


It is urgent for revolutionaries to fight within mass organizations of the working class and the oppressed – even though they are often led by reformist forces – in order to put pressure on them to join the struggle for such demands.


Naturally, as Marxists, we combine such a focused program with a socialist perspective which fights for a revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist regimes and for the founding of workers’ and peasant republics.


If you agree with the fundamental outline of these revolutionary positions and perspectives, we urge you to contact us so that we can discuss and decide together how to launch such a campaign. For example, World Refugee Day on 20 June might be an excellent opportunity for an international day of action.


We encourage organizations and activists who share the general outlook of this Open Letter to contact us and send us their ideas and criticism so that we can take concrete steps towards joint discussion and collaboration:


The RCIT has sections and activists in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Tunisia, Israel / Occupied Palestine, Brazil, Britain, Germany, the US, and Austria.

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