Austria: Press Conference on the Right-Wing Campaign against the Austrian Section of the RCIT and the Egyptian Community

Report with Videos and Pictures by the RKO BEFREIUNG (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 2 February 2017,




The Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RKO BEFREIUNG, Austrian Section of the RCIT) and the Coordination Council of the Egyptian Community (KORAT) made a press conference on 31 January. Almedina Gunić (Spokesperson of the RKO BEFREIUNG), Michael Pröbsting (International Secretary of the RCIT) and Ibrahim Ali (President of the KORAT) answered questions of about a dozen Austrian and international journalists.


They denounced the slanderous accusations of the main right-wing party FPÖ in this country which has launched an official inquiry in the Austrian parliament. As we already reported, the FPÖ accuses in this inquiry the Austrian section of the RCIT as well as the leading organization of the Egypt migrants of “Left-Wing Extremism”, “Antisemitism” and “Radical Islamism”. As a consequence, they ask the Federal Ministry of the Interior to officially investigate the two organizations. (*)


The press conference was hold in German, English and Arabic language.




* An article on the background of this right-wing attack can be read here:


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English and Arabic:




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