Press Conference on Assad's Chemical Weapons Attack and the US Air Strike

Report (with video) on a press conference of the Syrian Community and the Austrian Section of the RCIT on 7 April 2017 in Vienna,,, 07.04.2017




Today the group "Free Syrians in Austria" and the Austrian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) held a press conference in Vienna. The "Free Syrians in Austria" were represented by Dr. Haysam Hamoui and Mag. Badran Farwati while Michael Pröbsting spoke as the International Secretary of the RCIT. The moderator of the conference was Marek Hangler, spokesperson of the Austrian section of the RCIT.


The press conference was well attended by several representatives of Austrian, Syrian, Egyptian and Chechen media outlets.


All speakers denounced Assad's genocidal war against the Syrian people. They also stressed the necessity to continue the struggle for the overthrow of the Assad regime.


Michael Pröbsting emphasized the support by the RCIT for the Syrian Revolution since its beginning in 2011.


Faced with the endless terror by Assad's and Russia's air force the representatives of the "Free Syrians in Austria" stated their demand for a UN no-flight zone. While they are aware that Trump ordered the air strike not out of sympathy for the Syrian people but rather by geo-strategic calculations, they expressed satisfaction that Assad suffered a military strike.


In opposite to this view, Michael Pröbsting stated that the RCIT unconditionally opposes the US air strike – as we oppose the hundreds of Russian air strikes which have already killed thousands of people. Likewise, we reject any demand for a UN no-flight zone. Michael Pröbsting said that all Great Powers interference in Syria – be it by Russia or the US – must be condemned as it can do only harm to the Syrian people. The RCIT calls for an international movement of the working class in solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. If any state wants to support the liberation struggle of the Syrian people it should send modern weapons to the Syrian rebels so that they can defend themselves against Assad's murderous air force and modern tanks.




A video of the complete conference has been published by the Syrian-Palestinian journalist Ahmed Morad on his Facebook page "Be With Me A Reporter". It can be viewed here:


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