RCIT at a Public Meeting in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution

Victory to the Resistance against the Dictatorship of Assad!


Report (with Pictures and Video) from the RKO BEFREIUNG (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 6th November 2017, www.thecommunists.net




The Syrian Community and the RKO BEFREIUNG (Austrian section of the RCIT) organized a public meeting on 3 November about the current situation in Syria and perspectives for the future. The RCIT stands in unconditional solidarity with the Syrian revolutionaries who are fighting both – the brutal dictatorship of Bashar Al-Assad and the imperialists.


Comrade Marek Hangler, spokesperson of the RKO BEFREIUNG, facilitated the meeting together with Badran Farwati (spokesperson of the Austrian Coordination Council for Support of the Syrian Revolution). Speakers on the platform, representing different political views, included Alessandra Rametta Mayerhofer (former war reporter, currently journalist at the TV station OKTO), Stefan Beig (former journalist of the newspaper Wiener Zeitung), Bassam Alaissami (Syrian human rights lawyer) and Michael Pröbsting, the International Secretary of the RCIT.


A lively political discussion was held on the general development of the Arab revolutions and the specific situation of the Syrian people. Comrade Pröbsting emphasized the importance of international solidarity of workers and all the oppressed. He analyzed the experiences of Syrian revolutionaries after more than 6 years of heroic struggle for liberation and freedom. He also warned against the treacherous policies of various leaders of the resistance who are open to collaborate with imperialist Great Powers.


We in the Austrian section of the RCIT have been collaborating in practice with the Syrian community in Austria since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011. We are in complete solidarity with the Syrian revolutionaries in their struggle for freedom and peace. We combine the support for the Syrian revolution with a perspective of socialist revolution.


We look forward to future collaboration with our Syrian brothers and sisters.


Victory to the Syrian Revolution! Long live international solidarity!




To view pictures of the meeting as well as the speech of comrade Pröbsting (in German language with Arabic translation) click the following link:


Pictures and Video of Michael Pröbsting’s Speech: https://www.rkob.net/wer-wir-sind-1/rkob-aktiv-bei/syria-veranstaltung-3-nov/ (scroll down to the end of the article)


Michael Pröbsting’s Speech can also be viewed below or at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkIJpXiM80M&feature=youtu.be


The whole meeting (two hours) can be viewed on the Facebook site of the Austrian Coordination Council for Support of the Syrian Revolution:


https://www.facebook.com/CoSupportSyria/videos/1747020352037610/ (Part 1)


https://www.facebook.com/CoSupportSyria/videos/1747104105362568/ (Part 2)


For the RCIT’s analysis of the Syrian Revolution, we refer readers to our numerous articles and documents which can be accessed at a special section on our website: https://www.thecommunists.net/worldwide/africa-and-middle-east/collection-of-articles-on-the-syrian-revolution/




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