Austria: Successful Meeting in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution

Report (with Pictures and Videos) of the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 18.01.2017,




The Austrian section of the RCIT organized, together with Syrian solidarity activists, a successful public meeting on the ongoing struggle of the Syrian people against the dictatorship of Assad. More than 40 people listed to the introductions and participated in the following discussion.


Among the panelists were Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, Haysam Hamoui und Badran Farwati (both are leaders of the Syrian community in Austria), Leo Gabriel (member of the International Council of the World Social Forum), Hermann Dworczak (a long-time member of the Mandelist Fourth International) and Stefan Beig (Journalist). The meeting was chaired by Marek Hangler, a spokesperson of the Austrian section of the RCIT.


The discussion focused on the perspective of the Syrian Revolution after the tragic defeat in Aleppo. Comrade Pröbsting explained that the Syrian liberation struggle can only win if the activists draw the lessons of the failures in the past. The resistance must not look for support to any of the Great Powers or local regimes (like the one of Erdoğan in Turkey). Neither must they allow the official leaderships to speak for the Syrian people. Pröbsting advocated a socialist perspective and emphasized the necessity to overcome religious sectarianism as well as nationalism. He stressed that the Syrian workers and peasants must organize their own independent militias and struggle for the overthrow of the Assad regime and the creation of their own government.


Comrade Hangler also handed over to the Syrian community a donation which was collected amongst Austrian workers.




To view pictures and videos of the rally, follow this link: (scroll down)