Down with Assad and the Great Powers!

Report (with Pictures and Videos) from a Rally of the Syrian Community in Vienna on 14 January 2016


By the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 19.01.2016,


The Syrian Community in Vienna organized a rally in solidarity with the ongoing liberation struggle against the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad and against the military aggression of the Great Powers. They invited the Austrian Section of the RCIT to participate in the rally which took place in front of the Austrian ministry of foreign affairs. They also asked our comrade Michael Pröbsting to hold the official speech at the rally.

In his address Michael Pröbsting expressed the RCIT’s unconditional solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. He also sharply denounced the reactionary intervention of the Great Powers in Syria. Pröbsting said: “Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed by the Syrian army. What is the European Union doing? What is the US doing? What is Russia doing? They only send bombs against the people in Syria! But our brothers and sisters in Syrian don’t need bombs which kill them. They need food, medicine and weapons in order to defend themselves!”

Pröbsting also called the workers movement, in particular the trade unions, to organize an international solidarity campaign for the oppressed Syrian people and at the same time to oppose any military aggression of the imperialist Great Powers – be it Russia, the US or the European Union. The RCIT has supported the Syrian Revolution from its beginning in March 2011. We will continue its solidarity work despite the increasing obstacles in the struggle for the successful liberation of the Syrian workers and peasants!


See photos and the video clip of the rally’s speech at the following link:


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