Austria: Rally in Solidarity with the Rohingya

Report from the RKOB (Austrian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency), 10.9.2017,




More than 100 people assembled on Friday, 8 September, in front of the United Nations' headquarter in Vienna in order to express their outrage against the ongoing massacre of the Rohingya people in Myanmar. (See pictures of the rally below). As it is well know, hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya are currently massacred, raped and murdered by the regime of Myanmar.


Militants of the RCIT section in Austria participated in the rally to show their solidarity with the resistance of the Rohingya people. Marek Hangler, a spokesperson of the section, called for international solidarity with the Rohingya people. He warned in his speech against any illusions in the imperialist Great Powers or the United Nations and emphasized the need for an organized liberation struggle. (See the link to the speech of Marek Hangler below.)


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