Report: Rally against the US Bombing of Raqqa (Syria)

For the Revival of the Syrian Revolution!

Down with the Dictatorship of Assad and the Imperialist Aggression!

Report (with pictures and video) on a rally in Vienna on the 30th March 2017 by the Revolutionär-Kommunistische Organisation BEFREIUNG (Austrian Section of the RCIT),,, 01.04.2017


Since the beginning of the Arab Revolution in 2011 we have seen a number of heroic uprisings and resistance struggles against dictatorships and their imperialist allies in the Arab world. The political situation in Syria and the perspectives of the Syrian Revolution are one of the crucial issues for the whole strategy of the Arab Revolution. Every honest revolutionary has to support the heroic resistance of the Syrian people, especially after the fall of Aleppo and the massive counter-revolutionary mobilization of the imperialists and their lackeys. The RCIT stands with the Syrian people against the Assad dictatorship since the very beginning of the uprisings and has participated in numerous solidarity activities.

The Austrian section of the RCIT supported a rally of the Syrian community in Vienna on 30 March. This rally was organized in protest against the massacre of civilians in Raqqa by the US air force. We participated in the protest which took place in front of the US Embassy. Michael Pröbsting, the RCIT's International Secretary, gave a vivid speech which was also translated into Arab by a Syrian brother.

“American and Russian bombs are killing hundreds and thousands of people in Syria as well as in Iraq. We say: Stop the bombing! Stop the terror against the Syrian people!“ said comrade Pröbsting. He also put emphasis on the necessity of international solidarity organized by the oppressed themselves. This is very important as an alternative to the so-called humanitarian aid by the imperialists who are in reality just trying to get economic, military and political control over the region.

Hama, Aleppo, and Damascus – the Syrian people continue their resistance and we continue our solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters. Long live the Syrian Revolution! Ling Live International Solidarity!


To view pictures and videos of the rally and the speech of Michael Pröbsting, scroll down to the end of the German language report:


Another video report about the rally (including an interview with Michael Pröbsting in English language) has been published by the Syrian journalist Ahmed Morad on his Facebook page "Be With Me A Reporter": (the interview can be viewed from minute 13.30-17:37)