Platform of British Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)

Workers and Oppressed, Unite in the Struggle for Socialist Revolution!


Britain is a capitalist country, i.e. a state where the small minority of the capitalist class exploits and oppresses the working class and the oppressed. Furthermore, Britain is an imperialist state which extracts huge super-profits from the semi-colonial countries (the so-called Third World) as well as domestically from ethnic/national minorities and migrants. RCIT supporters fight for a socialist revolution in Britain as part of a global struggle to overthrow capitalism. Contrary to the illusions of many reformists and centrists the ruling class will not allow a peaceful or parliamentary road towards socialism. Such a revolution must be led by a revolutionary party as part of a new workers’ international (which will be the fifth in the history of the revolutionary workers movement).

We, the British supporters of the RCIT, call for:

1.            An end to all cuts in welfare and housing; no to austerity programs! For mass mobilizations, occupations, strikes including general strikes in defence of our rights! For a radical rise of the minimum wage and the unemployment benefits! Cancel the household debt! For a public works programme to improve infrastructure (energy supply, public transport, education, housing and child care, etc.) and to take action against climate change. Reinstate all public utilities that have been privatised by both Labour and Tory-led Governments!

2.            Abolition of all indirect taxes such as VAT! Massive reduction in taxes on wages! Drastic increase in taxes on profits and speculation! Elimination of tax loopholes for businesses! Immediate recovery of outstanding tax debts of the companies! For the expropriation of the super rich!

3.            The smashing of racism! Full equality for ethnic/national minorities and migrants! For equal wages and equal access to the job market! For the right to use the native language in education and in places of public administration! For all migrants’ full citizenship rights and for all their cultural rights including the right of dress! Open borders for refugees and migrants! Organize the oppressed in the trade unions with full representation in all leadership levels! For revolutionary movements of the ethnic/national minorities as well as migrants!

4.            Full equality for women, youth and sexual minorities! Equal wages for equal work! For the massive construction of free, well-equipped 24-hour child-care facilities! For a wide range supply of affordable and high-quality public restaurants and laundry facilities! Our goal is the socialisation of housework! For revolutionary movements of women as well as youth!

5.            The smashing of fascist and racist gangs! For mass mobilizations and self-defence units against the BNP, EDL and similar threats to the oppressed and workers movement!

6.            Repeal of anti-trade union laws! Legalise the right to strike! Down with the imperialist police state! No to ever increasing surveillance! Defend democratic rights! For the right of national self-determination of the Scottish and Welsh people!

7.            An end to the destruction of the environment by capitalism! Replace sources of energy harmful to the environment with renewable and clean sources of energy under the control of the working class and the trade unions!

8.            Immediate withdrawal of all British troops from foreign countries! British army out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Northern Ireland, etc.! Close all British military bases on foreign soil! Support the resistance against the occupation! Smash NATO!

9.            A fight against both British as well as European Imperialism! For abstention in Britain’s EU-Referendum! For international unity and struggle of the workers and oppressed! For to the United Socialist States of Europe!

10.          Solidarity with the worldwide struggle of the oppressed! Defend the blacks and Latinos against racist police in the US! Solidarity with the struggle of the workers and poor everywhere in Latin America! Victory to the Arab Revolution! Support the fight against the oppressive, pro-imperialist military dictatorship in Egypt! Victory to the revolution in Syria against Assad! Defeat IS/Daesh! Stop the imperialist attacks against and occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Central Africa, and Chechnya. Down with the Apartheid state of Israel! For a Free, Red Palestine!

11.          The formation of action committees in the workplaces, neighbourhoods, schools, and universities to organize the struggle! For a rank and file movement in order to drive out the labour bureaucracy from the trade unions! For a militant trade union movement which is not based on the most privileged sectors of the working class but the ordinary masses, i.e., the lower strata of the working class.

12.          Critical support for Labour in elections! The Labour Party is a bourgeois workers party, i.e., a party which is based on the workers movement but which has been dominated for more than a century by a bureaucratic caste acting as a willing servant of the ruling class. However, support for left wing candidates with relevant support amongst ordinary workers and youth against the party’s leadership is permissible as a tactic to help progressive workers to overcome their illusions. But this is only possible if such tactics are combined with revolutionary propaganda explaining the bourgeois character of the whole bureaucracy.

13.          Nationalisation of all banks and corporations under workers’ control without paying compensation! For a workers’ government based upon councils of action and for an armed workers militia! For a workers’ republic in Britain! For a United Socialist States of Europe!


The RCIT has sections and supporters in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Occupied Palestine / Israel, Yemen, Tunisia, Brazil, Austria, Britain and US who fight on the basis of a joint international program – “The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto“ – for the socialist world revolution. If you agree with this platform, join the RCIT in Britain!