RCIT AFRICA CONGRESS: Prepare for Mass Revolutionary Struggle!

Report (with Pictures) by Mainda Simataa (RCIT Africa Secretariat), 24.11.2017, www.thecommunists.net




A revolutionary storm is brewing all around the world, capitalist governments and their reactionary puppet leaderships and systems are failing. The masses of workers, youths and oppressed are ill-at-ease; and in some cases, already up in arms. Now therefore, revolutionaries have a historic duty, and must prepare to provide the leadership, theoretical and practical basis for this growing tide of discontent, and lead the masses to real economic freedom and political victory, rather than let the reactionary Parties of the elite and corrupt capitalist regimes to mislead and sabotage the revolutionary demands of the working people and the oppressed masses.


In response to this growing revolutionary tendency in many parts of the world, not the least in Africa, the Revolutionary Economic Liberation Association (ELA), the Zambian Section of the RCIT, organized the second RCIT World Congress – the first ever in Africa – in Lusaka (Zambia) together with other international delegates from the RCIT, from 9th to 18th November 2017. The aims were enhance international solidarity and to exchange programmatic notes and ideas on the way revolutionary way forward for the liberation struggle in the epoch of 21st Century decaying capitalism.


Various programmatic documents and strategies for waging the liberation struggle at a national, Pan-African and International stage were discussed. In addition, a three day intensive cadre training program in Marxism and Socialism was conducted to reinforce the ideological understanding of revolutionary comrades as the vanguard of the oppressed masses. Also, a ground tour to assess the impact of capitalism on the welfare of the most poor and oppressed sections of society was conducted in and around Lusaka during the duration of the Congress.


It was resolved that the success of Socialism and the struggle for liberation of the masses of oppressed peoples in Zambia, Africa and the world at large can only be successful if concerted and coordinated efforts are made by revolutionary movements working from a common revolutionary program of liberation.


The second part of the RCIT Congress takes place in Mexico this December.


Forward with Socialism!


Abash Capitalism!


Aluta Continua!




The RCIT and ELA Zambia thank for the various greetings sent to our second congress from the following groups/activists:


Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance, PACOR (Nigeria)


Abdul Karim Bah (Interim Secretary General, Movement for Social Progress [Sierra Leone] and Convener International Alliance for Economic Emancipation in Africa [IAEEA])


Marxist group "Class Politics" (Russia)


Apu Sarwar (Bangaldesh)


John Reimann, Oaklandsocialist (USA)