Austria: Historic Mass Demonstration Proclaims „Refugees Are Welcome Here!“

Report from the Austrian section of the RCIT, 6.10.2015,


More than 50,000 people marched in Vienna on 3 October against racism and in solidarity with the refugees attempting to reach Europe. Later more than 120,000 people joined an open air concert. The demonstration was so big that the metro stations near the rallying point were clogged up and the march could start only two and a half hours later than scheduled.

In contrast to usual demonstrations, the mood among the people was very lively and militant. In addition, many people on the sidelines expressed their sympathy for the goals of the demonstration.

The Austrian section of the RCIT was present with a big contingent marching behind a banner “Syria, Egypt, Yemen … Solidarity with the Arab Revolution! OPEN BORDERS! REFUGEES STAY!” Our contingent included a number of Egyptian and other migrants (see pictures and videos below).

Many young people were attracted to our contingent because of its militant and organized character. We chanted many slogans in favor of opening the borders for refugees, against the right-wing populist party of Strache, for joint struggle of Austrian and migrant workers, against US and Russian imperialism as well as against the dictators Assad and al-Sisi and for international solidarity.

This was already the second mass demonstration in Vienna in solidarity with the refugees in a short period of time, 20,000 people having demonstrated on 31 August.

As the RCIT has elaborated in its statements on the refugee “crisis,” these recent developments are of a fundamental, historic character. It seems to us that they open a new period of polarization in Europe which provokes both massive attacks from the state as well as racist forces, but at the same time also spur massive pro-refugee mobilizations and an important politicization of sectors of the working class, migrants and youth. These present developments are historic in character. We call all revolutionaries in Europe to join us in intervening in this crisis with a proletarian, internationalist and anti-imperialist perspective.


See many pictures and videos from the RCIT in Austria at the demonstration here:

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