Long live MayDay! Yaşasın 1 Mayıs! Es lebe der 1.Mai! Živio nam 1.maj!

RKOB Report of the multinational MayDay Demonstration 2012 in Vienna/Austria (RKOB is the Austrian section of the RCIT, www.thecommunists.net)


This year we organized – as we are doing since 2005 – a multinational, internationalist MayDay Demonstration in Vienna (Austria). It was called by a united front in which – in addition to the Revolutionary Communist Organisation for Liberation (RKOB) and the youth organisation RED*REVOLUTION – various Stalinist, Maoist and centrist organisations took part. Of particular importance is the participation of several organisations of Turkish and Kurdish migrants but also from other countries. Around 1.500 people joined the demonstration.

This demonstration is organised in addition to the demonstrations of the social democrats – which is the biggest – and of the Communist Party. The social democratic bureaucracy of course doesn’t tolerate any other organisation at the demonstration. And the Communist Party also does not accept speakers and equal rights for organisations which are not allied with them. As a result we initiated in 2005 together with others the internationalist MayDay demonstration. Since then the size of the CP MayDay demonstration has declined to a few hundred participants.

As in the years before Michael Pröbsting, spoke person of the RKOB, was a main organiser of the demonstration. At the rally before the demonstration started, he introduced the speakers and presented the goals of the united front. In a speech at the end of the demonstration he said: “Together we as workers and oppressed will fight for world of freedom, without exploitation and oppression, a socialist world!

Nina Gunić spoke at the demonstration as the representative of the RKOB. She emphasized that to fight the capitalists it is necessary to unite the various national sectors of the working class on the basis of equality and the struggle against any form of discrimination. She finished her speech by calling in three languages “Long live the international solidarity!”:Yaşasın Enternasyonal Dayanışma! Hoch die Internationale Solidarität! Živila internacionalna solidarnost!“

Johannes Wiener addressed the demonstration as a spoke person for RED*REVOLUTION. He expressed our opposition against another imperialist war of the USA and Israel against Iran and called for the victory of the revolution in Syria. Relating to the latest events in Northern Africa, he said: “We are in solidarity with the insurrection of the Tuareg people in Mali! We stand for Permanente Revolution and a free and socialist Azawad!“

RKOB and RED*REVOLUTION formed a militant, well-organised contingent at the demonstration. Our character as an internationalist, working class organisation was emphasized both by the multinational, proletarian composition of our contingent as well as by the various slogans we shouted in German, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian, Slovakian and English. Our contingent had two banners. The banner of RED*REVOLUTION read “Against Exploitation, Unemployment, War, Oppression and Racism! For socialism through Revolution!” The RKOB banner showed the heads of the most important Marxist leaders and read: Marx, Engels, Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky: In their spirit we will fight and win!

In addition to this we addressed the participants of the social democratic demonstration by selling the May issue of the RKOB paper and having a book stall. All in all our intervention at the demonstration showed the progress which we made in the last 12 month.


Pictures of the demonstration can be found in the multi-media section of the RKOB website: http://www.rkob.net/multimedia/bilder-1-mai-2012/

Videos of our contingent and of the speeches of Nina Gunić, Johannes Wiener and Michael Pröbsting can also be found in the multi-media section of the RKOB website: http://www.rkob.net/multimedia/video-1-mai-2012/