Iran: Stop the Oppression of the Ahwazi Arabs!

Report (with Photos and Videos) from a Rally in Vienna in Solidarity with the Ahwazi Arabs in Iran on 16 October 2015, Austrian Section of the RCIT, and


On 16 October May, more than 150 Arab and Kurdish migrants assembled in front of the United Nations office complex in Vienna to protest the oppression of the Arab minority in Iran. A number of speakers from Iran, Syria as well as Kurdistan addressed the rally and called for solidarity.

The organizers of the rally invited the Austrian section of the RCIT to attend and speak at the rally. We participated with a delegation, and our comrade Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, addressed those gathered.

In his speech comrade Pröbsting expressed the RCIT’s solidarity with the Ahwazi Arabs in Iran. He called for the right of national self-determination for all minorities including the Arab minority in Iran. Comrade Pröbsting denounced the bloody dictatorship ruling in Teheran. He also criticized the hypocrisy of Western imperialism. For decades the ruling class in the US and the EU denounced Iran as evil. Now, when their global power is dwindling and new rivals emerge (Russia and China) and when they need the help of Teheran in order to put down the Syrian Revolution, Obama & Co “forget” all their accusations about the violations of human rights in Iran. Finally, comrade Pröbsting also expressed the international solidarity of the RCIT with the Syrian Revolution as well as the Palestinian Intifada.

See photos and video clips of the rally’s speeches at the following link: