Rally against Russia’s War in Syria

Report (with Photos and Videos) from a Rally in Vienna on 23 October 2015, Austrian Section of the RCIT,www.rkob.net and www.thecommunists.net


On 23 October May, more than 100 Arab and Kurdish migrants assembled in front of the Russian as well as Iranian embassy in Vienna to protest Putin’s military intervention in Syria. The organizers of the rally invited the Austrian section of the RCIT to attend and asked our comrade Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, to address those gathered.

In his speech comrade Pröbsting expressed the RCIT’s solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. He denounced Russia’s military aggression with Iran’s assistance against the Syrian people. He called for an end of the military interference of all great powers including the US in Syria. Comrade Pröbsting called for solidarity with the liberation struggle to overthrow the Assad dictatorship which should continue until the Syrian workers and peasants have taken power. He said the Syrian people must not trust any of the great powers but only in the international solidarity of the people. Finally, comrade Pröbsting also expressed the international solidarity of the RCIT with the Palestinian Intifada.


See photos and video clips of the rally’s speeches at the following link: