RCIT-Statement for the World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2015

Revolutionary Unity to Advance the Struggle for Liberation!

Open Letter to All Revolutionary Organizations and Activists at the WSF-Meeting in Tunis 24-28 March 2015

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Brazil, USA, Britain and Austria), March 2015


In this open letter, the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) calls upon all revolutionary organizations and activists to work together on the basis of a joint strategy against capitalist exploitation and imperialist oppression.

We live in a world of increasing inter-imperialist rivalry, revolutionary uprisings, and counter-revolutionary threats. In this period of history, so revolutionary in nature, which commenced in 2008 with outbreak of the Great Recession, it is more urgent than ever to unite all authentic revolutionaries and to build new, truly revolutionary parties in every country and to strive for the foundation of a Fifth Workers’ International.

Such a new World Party of Socialist Revolution must be built as a clear and unequivocal alternative to the current official leaderships of various camps – treacherous labor bureaucrats, leaders of the Social Democratic parties, heads of Stalinist parties, Bolivarianism, parties representing petit-bourgeois nationalism, and parties based on Islamism. These current leaderships consciously or unconsciously mislead the workers and oppressed. To replace such leaderships it is, first of all, urgent to openly denounce them. However, at the same time, it is absolutely necessary for revolutionaries to fight inside existing mass movements and to apply the united front tactic towards their leaderships.

In the context of today’s complex class struggles and world political events, revolutionaries can only fight for the leadership of the liberation struggle if they pursue correct tactics and a clearly defined program. Time and again, we have seen that all centrist organizations, which purport to represent an alternative leadership, have failed miserably in their evaluations of which side to stand on when the barricades are drawn. In a world of increasing imperialist rivalry and tremendous class polarization, only an international revolutionary organization based on a solid program and encompassing an internationalist working class cadre can lead the working class along the correct path towards socialist revolution.

The RCIT calls upon all revolutionaries to take the following stands regarding current hotspots in the international realm:

* Defend the Palestinian people against Israel, the Zionist Apartheid state! In any conflict we stand for a military victory of the Palestinian resistance and the defeat of Israel! For an international workers’ and popular boycott campaign against Israel! No political support for the Abbas/Fatah collaborationist leadership or for the bourgeois Hamas leadership! For the unrestricted right of return for all Palestinians and their descendents who have been expelled by the Zionists since 1948! For a Free, Red Palestine from the River to the Sea! No to the recognition of the Zionist state by the reformist Party of the European Left, the Stalinists or the CWI led by Peter Taaffee!

* Down with the military dictatorship of General Sisi in Egypt! Support the workers’ strikes and mass protests against the dictatorship! Defend the Muslim Brotherhood against repression, but give no political support to their bourgeois leadership! Denounce the support of the Egyptian Communist Party for the Sisi regime! Shame on those pseudo-revolutionaries who failed to condemn the coup d’état on 3 July 2013 and who failed to defend the mass protests led by the Islamists when thousands of they were slaughtered by the army (e.g., Revolutionary Socialists/IST, IMT led by Alan Woods, 6 April Movement)!

* Support the revolution in Syria! Down with the Assad regime, a puppet of Russian imperialism! No to any intervention from US and EU imperialism! No to any collaboration with the imperialists! Support the rebels against the Assad regime but no political support for the pro-Western FSA or the Islamist leaderships! For workers’ and popular councils and militias to organize the civil war against the Assad dictatorship! For international solidarity brigades! Defend the right of the Kurds to national-self-determination!

* Defend the Sunni popular insurrection against the Iraqi army! Down with reactionary sectarianism! Drive IS/Daash forces out of the resistance movement! Defend the Kurdish and Yazidi people against IS/Daash forces! Support the Kurdish people’s right of self-determination! For a united and socialist Kurdistan!

* Stop the counter-revolution of the old elite in Tunisia! No support for the bourgeois, pro-imperialist government led by Nidaa Tounes or the bourgeois Ennahda party! Socialists must not form joint parties with petty-bourgeois-nationalist groups as we witness in the case of the Front populaire pour la réalisation des objectifs de la revolution (al-Jabha)! For an independent Workers’ Party based on a revolutionary program!

* Defeat General Haftar and his pro-imperialist clique in Libya! Fight against the attempts of the imperialist powers and their lackeys to bring Libya under their control and to annihilate the achievements of the unfinished democratic revolution against the Gaddafi dictatorship! While currently the main enemy is the pro-imperialist General Haftar clique, socialists must work towards the formation of popular councils and militias which are independent from the Islamists!

* Stop the derailment of the democratic revolution in Yemen into a sectarian civil war! The popular uprising in Yemen in autumn 2014 against the government and its scandalous price hikes were absolutely justified. However, there now exists a danger that the country is being plunged into civil war between the petty bourgeois Shia Houthi movement and pro-Sunni groups. For independent workers’ and peasant councils and militias across religious lines!

* Defend democratic protests against the Erdogan regime in Turkey! No support for the equally reactionary movement of Fethullah Gulen or for the CHP! For the right of national self-determination of the Kurdish people, including their right to an independent state!

* Down with Obama’s crusade in the Middle East! Defeat the military intervention of US imperialism and their allies in all countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, etc.)! Side with the resistance struggle against the US-led war of aggression even if it is led by Islamist forces! But give no political support to such leaderships! For the independent mass struggle led by the working class against the imperialists and their stooges! Denounce the social democrats, Stalinists, and centrists who either support the imperialist war of aggression or who remain neutral!

* Defeat the colonial wars of French imperialism in Mali and the Central African Republic! Solidarity with the resistance, while giving no political support to their petty-bourgeois Islamist Leaderships! Denounce the French “Communist” Party’s (PCF) refusal to vote in parliament (on 14.1.2015) against the extension of France’s participation in the imperialist war in Iraq!

* For international mass mobilizations to defeat the US aggression! For demonstrations, strikes, and direct actions in those countries which take part in Obama’s crusade in the Middle East and all other countries!

* Stop Islamophobic racism against Muslim migrants in Europe and North America! Defend the Muslims against racist attacks! For self-defense units of Muslim and non-Muslim workers and youth to defend migrant living areas, schools, and mosques! Removing the ban on wearing the hijab or burka!

* France: No to “l’unité nationale” with the Hollande Government and the Capitalists! Down with the Police State! No to the deployment of soldiers on the streets of France! Denounce the PCF’s support for the 11 January “national unity” demonstrations!

* "Je ne suis pas Charlie" – We are NOT Charlie! Oppose individual terrorism like the attack on the office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo! But no solidarity with the sexism of Charlie Hebdo nor with its racism against Muslim people and their religion! The workers’ movement should boycott the distribution of Charlie Hebdo – don't transport, don't sell, and don't buy this magazine! No to the solidarity of left-wing parties (PCF, FdG, NPA, LO) with the racist magazine Charlie Hebdo!

* Full Equal Rights for Migrants! For equal wages! Support the migrant’s right to use their native language in public administration and schools! For full voting rights for migrants regardless of their passport!

* Greece: No support for the reformist, pro-capitalist policy of the SYRIZA leadership! Force SYRIZA to break up the popular front coalition with ANEL! For a SYRIZA minority government based on the support of mass struggles in the workplaces and streets! Cancel all debts! Expropriate the capitalists and in particular the so-called “50 families”! Nationalize the key corporations without paying compensation and place them under workers’ control! Break all links with EU institutions and leave the Eurozone! Significantly increase the minimum wage! For a public works program in order to rebuild the country! For a workers’ government based on action councils and armed workers’ militia! For a workers’ republic in Greece! For a United Socialist States of Europe! For a European-wide solidarity movement with the Greek people! Force the EU governments and banks to cancel Greece’ debt!

* No support for Ukraine’s right-wing government or for the Donbass “people’s republics”! Both are fighting a civil war as proxies of imperialist powers (the US and EU vs. Russia, respectively)! Smash the fascists! For equal rights and the right of national self-determination for all national minorities like the Russophile minority in eastern Ukraine and the Crimean Tatars!

* Support the national liberation struggle of the Chechen people against imperialist Russia! For an independent workers’ and peasant republic Chechnya! Condemn the support of Russia's Stalinist-chauvinist KPRF for Putin's war of oppression in Chechnya!

* Down with all Great Imperialist Powers – the US, EU, Japan, China, and Russia! No support for any imperialist camp! In the Ukraine, in East Asia, and in any other military conflict between these powers or their puppets, socialists must relentlessly remind the workers: The main enemy is at home! Turn the imperialist war into a civil war against your own ruling class!

* Defend women’s rights in India! Mobilize against the reactionary rape culture! For armed self-defense units of women and progressive men to protect women! No to petty-bourgeois feminism – for a revolutionary working class women’s movement!

* Defeat the reactionary provocations in Venezuela and Brazil! Stop the coup d’état threats of the right-wing forces! But no political and electoral support for the Maduro and Rousseff government! Defend Venezuela against US imperialism! For independent working class struggle against the social attacks carried out by the Maduro and Rousseff government! Break the working class away from the Bolivarian leadership which defends the capitalist system and collaborates with imperialist China! For an independent workers’ party based on a revolutionary program!

* No support for the ANC government in South Africa! Support NUMSA’s and other union’s break with the ANC and the pro-government faction in COSATU! Call for NUMSA to form a workers’ party now! However, don’t allow the NUMSA’s leaders to derail the prospect of an independent class struggle into a remake of the “Freedom Charter” or the popular-frontist UDF, the failed program of ANC politics in the 1980s. For a new mass workers’ party based on a revolutionary program! Denounce the Stalinist SACP which is part of the capitalist ANC government and which supports the repression of the militant workers’ vanguard, as it did during the Marikana massacre!


The RCIT calls all revolutionaries to intervene in the class struggle and combine all necessary tactics with propagandizing for a program of working class power which can only be achieved by a socialist revolution. Such a program must be built on the methods outlined by Trotsky’s Transitional Program of 1938:

* Build action committees in work places and in workers living areas! Purge the trade unions of bureaucrats and collaborators with the capitalists! For democratic rank and file control over the trade unions! Build revolutionary communist fractions inside the trade unions! Transform the trade union in militant instruments for the socialist liberation struggle of the working class!

* For a sliding scale of working hours until everyone is employed without loss of pay!

* For the right of self determination for all oppressed national groupings deprived of the right to secede!

* For revolutionary movements of women, migrants, youth, unemployed, and national minorities! For the right of the oppressed to caucus in workers’ mass organizations and their movements!

* Build committees and action councils of the workers, peasants, and poor to organize the struggle!

* For armed workers and oppressed militias!

* Expropriate the capitalist class! Nationalize the large enterprises and banks under workers’ control!

* For a workers’ government allied with the peasants and urban poor and based on local councils and militias!

* Fight for new workers’ parties and for a Fifth Workers’ International based on a revolutionary program!


No future without socialism!

No socialism without revolution!

No revolution without a revolutionary party!