Catalunya’s Struggle for Independence: Some final remarks on the perspectives for revolutionaries




In fact, Catalunya is close to a pre-revolutionary situation – the first time since a very long time that we experience such a development in Western Europe! This reflects that the struggle for national liberation can be an excellent starting point to advance the class struggle. It is not a factor for splitting and weakening but of strengthening and advancing the working class struggle!


It would be foolish to underestimate the meaning of the Catalan liberation struggle not only for the class struggle in Spain but for the whole of Europe. This is a major popular uprising in one of the core countries of the imperialist European Union. This is why the political establishment of the EU unconditionally side’s with the new Bonsai-Franco in Madrid. The disintegration of the Spanish State would substantially weaken the imperialist fortress Europe and could encourage popular uprisings in other countries.


It seems likely that the current crisis in Catalunya will not be over soon. Given the coward bourgeois leadership around Puigdemont and the vacillating petty-bourgeois and left-wing forces (ERC, CUP, etc.) inside the Catalan mass movement, a quick victory for the independence struggle looks unlikely. On the other hand, the central government in Madrid can not operate in political conditions – both in Spain as well as in Europe – which would allow to quickly smash the Catalan independence movement with full military force. A protracted political crisis is therefore the most likely scenario for next few months.


It is crucial that revolutionaries use the time to organize the revolutionary democratic struggle independent of and in opposition to bourgeois nationalist forces and combine it with a socialist perspective. Naturally, working inside a mass movement is impossible without applying the united front tactic towards other forces that are a legitimate part of it. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with working together with such non-revolutionary forces inside the popular movement against Rajoy’s anti-democratic coup. But the most decisive task now is to organize the workers and oppressed independently of those bourgeois forces, to build mass popular assemblies and self-defense units and, most importantly, to advance the formation of a revolutionary party.


This necessitates the formulation and propagation of a clear revolutionary strategy and program. The Bible’s saying “In the beginning was the Word” is a basic truth in revolutionary politics. Hence, it is of crucial importance for revolutionaries to spread a clear set of tactics and strategies, to fight for them inside the mass movement for independence, to bring together activists with a like-minded outlook and to create a first organized nucleus of militants on the basis of a joint program. At the beginning such a group might be small but the clarity of its program, combined with a determined intervention in the mass struggle, will assure that a larger organization and finally a combat party will emerge out of such a collective work!


In summary, authentic revolutionaries must wholeheartedly support the mass movement for Catalunya’s independence. They must fight against the influence of bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeois forces inside the movement. They should advocate a program of intransigent class struggle as an alternative to the left-reformist adaption of CUP, despite the fact that it contains many socialist and revolutionary-minded activists in its ranks, towards the bourgeois forces of the Junts pel Sí (JxSí) alliance. Revolutionaries should argue against bourgeois nationalism and for an internationalist program of struggle for the whole of Spain and Europe. They should also unite in a revolutionary party in order to fight in an organized way against the Spanish state and against the vacillating influences inside the pro-independence popular movement. As part of such a perspective, revolutionaries must also strongly reject the arguments of the pseudo-leftist opponents of the Catalan’s independence struggle.


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