Cuba’s Revolution Sold Out? IV. The Program for Socialist Revolution in Cuba




As we repeatedly said, Cuba was a degenerated workers state from 1960/61 until 2010/11. With the Castroite/Stalinist regime’s decisive turn to restore capitalism, Cuba has now been transformed into a semi-colonial capitalist state which is mainly dependent on Chinese imperialism.


The main task of the Cuban working class is to defend its social achievements in order to prepare the struggle for a new socialist revolution. In the following, we present a number of demands which we consider as essential for new revolutionary Action Program for Cuba today. The RCIT looks forward to discuss it with revolutionaries in Cuba, Latin America and all over the world in order to improve and develop it further.




Defend the Social Achievements!


* No to the mass lay-offs in the state-owned enterprises! Jobs for All!


* No to wage cuts! No to the increasing inequality between the wages!


* Open the Books of the state-owned, cooperative and private enterprises as well of all foreign corporations and Joint Ventures!


* Down with inflation! For automatic rises of wages in case of a rise of prices!


* Stop the cuts in social services! Return to the former retirement ages (55 for women and 60 for men)!


* Stop and reverse the privatization of state-owned enterprises!


* Defend women’s right to abortion! Equal Wage for Equal Jobs!


* No criminalization of prostitutes! Offer public sector jobs and training programs financed by the state for prostitutes!


* No return to the criminalization of Lesbians and Gays! Full and equal rights for all, irrespective of their sexual orientation!




Down with the Castroite dictatorship! Democracy for the working class and the popular masses!


* Freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of political and union organizing, as well as the freedom to make use of all communication and information media! Put the media neither in the hands of the Castroite regime nor in the hands of private enterprises, but under the control of democratic workers and poor peasant councils!


* For the legal right of workers to strike!


* Free all political prisoners!


* Down with the One-Party-Dictatorship! For the right to form parties! It must not be the bureaucratic state-capitalist dictatorship who decides which parties shall exist but the popular masses themselves!


* Down with corruption! For public disclosure of all privileges of the bureaucracy! For a Workers’ Court to penalise corruption!


* For full democratic rights inside the trade union federation CTC! For the right to form Independent Trade Unions and Workplace Committees!


* Scrap the old Stalinist Constitution which was never democratically discussed and voted on by the Cuban people! For a Revolutionary Constituent Assembly to discuss and work out a new constitution! The delegates should be controllable and open to recall by the popular masses!


* All honest communists inside the PCC should fight against the bureaucracy and new bourgeoisie which are dominating the party! But no illusions into the possibility to reform the party of the restorationist state apparatus!




Down with US Embargo! Defend Cuba against US imperialism and the Gusanos!


* No to the US embargo against Cuba! For international working class actions to force the USA to drop the embargo!


* No to any provocations and interference of US imperialism against Cuba! Close down the US-base in Guantanamo and give the land back to Cuba!


* For Workers’ and Popular Guard Committees to organize the fight against the Gusanos bourgeoisie’s and US imperialism’s attempts to intervene in Cuban politics!


* Workers and Oppressed organizations in the USA: Organize amongst the Cuban migrants in the USA to mobilize them against the Gusano bourgeoisie and US imperialism!




Expropriate and Expel the Chinese Imperialists!


* No the 5 year Cuba-Chinese Cooperation Plan!


* Expropriate Chinese and other imperialist property in Cuba!


* Down with Chinese imperialism! Solidarity with the working class and oppressed nations in China against the Stalinist-capitalist regime in Beijing!




A Program for Workers Power!


* For the formation of democratic Workers, poor Peasant and Soldiers councils!


* For a state monopoly of Foreign Trade!


* For single State Bank under workers and popular council control!


* Nationalization of all larger foreign and domestic enterprises under workers control!


* Nationalization of all land! It is up to the Workers’ and poor Peasant councils to decide if, and respectively in which proportions, the land should then be given to individual peasants, cooperatives or state farms for maintaining.


* Smash the Stalinist-capitalist state apparatus! Replace the secret service, the FAR and the police with a workers and popular militia!


* For Workers, poor Peasant and Soldiers councils and militias to organise the struggle against the regime and constitute the basis for a future Workers’ and poor Peasant’ Government!


* For an Emergency Plan to combat the economic crisis discussed and decided by a national congress of the Workers, poor Peasant and Soldiers councils!




Internationalization of the Revolution!


The fate of the Cuban revolution in the end is bound to the question if the revolution can be internationalized to Latin America and worldwide. This is why, immediately after taking power, a revolutionary workers and peasant government would launch an international offensive. It would appeal to the socialist-minded workers and peasants in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, the rebellious masses in Brazil and the whole continent to rise up in solidarity with the New Cuban Revolution. It would equally appeal to the revolutionary masses in Egypt, Turkey and the whole North African and Middle East region as well in Southern Europe.


A Cuban revolutionary workers and peasant government would warn against any illusions in Chinese imperialism which masks its expansionism under the mask of “socialism”. It would equally warn against any political support for the Bolivarian bourgeois-populist leaderships of Maduro, Morales and Correa. While defending the Bolivarian governments against the counter-revolutionary threat of US imperialism as well as the domestic bourgeoisie, it would call the workers and poor peasants to prepare to overthrow the Bolivarian regimes and take power in their own hands. Such a revolutionary Cuba would call the mass organizations of the workers, peasants and oppressed to break with any popular front with the Bolivarian bourgeoisie and Chinese imperialism.


Some might say that Cuba is a small country and its workers and peasant revolution will be too weak to move things. We reply: Remember the galvanizing effects which the Cuban Revolution had internationally in 1959-61 and after! And this was at a time where world capitalism was strong and stable, where the Western world was lead by an undisputed imperialist power, the USA, and where Stalinism was also strong and could massively restrain the workers and liberation movement around the globe. This time is different: World capitalism is in its deepest crisis since 1929. US hegemony has declined and rivalry with other Great Powers, in particularly China, is intensifying. And Stalinism is much weaker today and has no state power behind it.


* Open the books to all secret treaties! Repudiate all treaties with imperialist powers!


* Down with the Castroite foreign policy of support for bourgeois regimes! For Revolutionary Cuban aid to revolutionary movements in the Bolivarian states and world-wide!


* Down with the Bolivarian bourgeoisies who tie the workers to the popular front with China!


* For socialist revolution and Workers’ and Poor Peasants Governments in Latin America!


* For the United Socialist States of Latin America and the Caribbean!




For a revolutionary party! For the Fifth Workers International!


The question of the party was and remains the decisive question for the future of the Cuban revolution. The Cuban workers have been oppressed and robbed of the possibility to freely discuss and gain experience for decades. This makes it likely that at the beginning of the coming revolution the masses will have a lot of petty-bourgeois democratic illusions. Revolutionaries must oppose the unavoidable repression of the Castroite-capitalist regime against the Cuban workers and peasants. They should do whatever possible to help the masses to acquire a socialist consciousness through free discussions and their own experience.


This requires the quickest possible formation of a first nucleus on the basis of a revolutionary action program for the Cuban Revolution with an orientation towards building a new revolutionary Workers International which, in our opinion, will be the Fifth International. Such a Bolshevik organization can be instrumental in building a revolutionary workers party. It is only such a party which can constitute the necessary leadership for the working class to successfully overthrow the Castroite-capitalist regime and take power in its own hands. The RCIT is willing to support this process as much as possible and to discuss and collaborate with revolutionaries in Cuba.