Great Power Rivalry in the Early Twenty-first Century (Article in the US journal 'New Politics')


By Michael Pröbsting




Below we link to an article on the Great Power rivalry in the early 21st century. The article, written by Michael Pröbsting, was published by the US journal “New Politics” in its edition of summer 2019 (New Politics Vol. XVIII No. 3, Whole Number 67).




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One of the most important issues of our time is the intensifying rivalry between the imperialist Great Powers: the United States, China, the EU, Russia, and Japan. Diplomatic rows, sanctions, trade wars, military tensions, and, ultimately, major wars now loom as prominent features of the historic period now unfolding. Trade war between the United States and China, tensions in the South China Sea, sanctions between the West and Russia? The prospect of Great Power rivalry has already become the present.