China’s Emergence as an 
Imperialist Power (Article in the US journal 'New Politics')

by Michael Pröbsting



Below we link to an article on China’s rise as a great imperialist power. The article, written by Michael Pröbsting, was published by the US journal “New Politics” in its edition of Summer 2014 (Vol:XV-1, Whole #: 57)


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One of the most important issues in world politics today is China’s rise as a great imperialist power. Most left-wing writers consider China either as a “socialist country,” a “deformed workers’ state,” or as a “dependent capitalist country” exploited by Western monopolies. As I have elaborated elsewhere, I believe that such analyses, positions, and terminology deriving from Communist, post-Trotskyist, and dependency theorists fail to understand China’s transformation into an imperialist Great Power during the past decade.