Capitalism Today and the Law of Uneven Development: The Marxist Tradition and its Application in the Present Historic Period

Essay by Michael Pröbsting


The academic Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory has in its latest issue (Volume 44, Issue 4, 2016) published an article by Michael Pröbsting of the RCIT on the Law of Uneven Development in the Marxist Tradition and its Application in the Present Historic Period. The journal is published by the Centre for Study of Socialist Theory and Movements at Glasgow University. Its editor is Professor Hillel Ticktin and, among others, Yassamine Mather, Suzi Weissman, István Mészáros, Latief Parker, and Savas Matsas are members of its Editorial Board.

Below we republish the abstract of the article. The article can be read here:


The world capitalist system has undergone tremendous changes in the past hundred years. One of the most important developments is the globalization of the capitalist world and the accompanying increasing inequality between the classes as well as between the nations. These developments can only be understood in the framework of the Marxist law of uneven and combined development. This approach was first used by Marx, Engels and Lenin and, in particularly, further developed by Trotsky. The law of uneven and combined development explains how different stages of development as well as different tempos of development in a given society interact with one another and thereby result in different forms or types of development.