Social Equality will Lead to the Fading Away of Religion


Leaflet of MGKP for the Rally against Clericalism, 04.02.2018,


This is an English translation of a leaflet of MGKP. The leaflet has been originally published at




Religion is a kind of spiritual oppression. Poverty and weakness of the exploited classes give birth to faith in a better afterlife. Everyone must cast off their religious prejudices and start fighting for the better life on Earth, not in Heaven. Let the church try to survive without government support and maintain itself only by its believers' support. Thus, we stand for the full separation of church and state.


However, it will be a mistake to exclude from our ranks anyone, who has religious beliefs, but who is, at the same time, ready to fight for the socialist revolution.


Our tactic of the united front with religious movements does not mean any concessions to religion. Quite the contrary, the development of the struggle against capitalism is a fight against the causes of the capitalism, on which all religious delusions are based. The Russian Orthodox Church is such an organization, which claims to govern our minds.


Here are some facts: the introduction of theology as a scientific field in Russia has happened after the speech of the patriarch Cyrill in State Duma. It arrived without any discussion with the scientific community. It brought disgrace upon the Russian science because theology is not a scientific discipline, but religion dressed as science.


Moreover, the awarding of the title of honorary citizen of St. Petersburg to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, expresses how dominant this ideology is now because it was the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, which appointed this status to the man intending to take away St. Isaac's Cathedral from St. Petersburg citizens. We must not forget the role played by the Union of Rectors of St. Petersburg during this honorable nomination. These people are responsible for the crisis of the modern high school, which in the light of the preceding is not accidental.


Nevertheless, for Marxists the anti-clerical struggle is not the only front of the struggle. Islamism is the scarecrow of 21 century, which is used for fooling the proletariat around the world by the imperialists, who successfully painted the slogan "The War on Terror" on the old banners of confrontation between the blocs of countries for robbing the semi-colonies.


However, the reactionary nature of Islamism should not hide from us the fact that such forces lead struggles against imperialist powers and reactionary dictatorships. Hence, our tactics and actions must depend on specific conditions. There is need to differentiate the real social meaning of religious ideology. Thus, we must distinguish different social classes and layers under banners of political Islam: separate calls to Allah authority from Imams, whose purpose is to protect the privileged position of the Ulema, from same slogans pronounced by desperate petty bourgeoisie or marginalized youth. Their slogans are a response to problems related to food shortages, unemployment, lack of housing and repression.


The goal of the united front with the Muslim masses and Islamists is achieving victory over imperialism, militarism and other reactionary forces with the mobilization of the masses against capitalists. In the final analysis, we must strive to split these popular movements along the social class lines, to win proletariat, exploited petty-bourgeoisie and the poor for the socialist program.


The Marxist Group "Class Politics" stands against anti-Muslim racism, which has become a central ideological weapon of imperialist reaction around the world. We advocate the right of Muslims to practice their religion and build mosques. We defend the right of women to wear hijab or veil if they are not forced to do it against their will. We must demonstrate to the migrants and religious minorities that we are more democratic and progressive force than their religious-political leaders. However, the struggle for Muslims' rights to practice their religion must be connected with the struggle against any form of pressure on women and youth. Thus, we must fight against any subordination of them to religious rules against their own will.


No trust for the imperialist state!


No trust in any ideology serving imperialist state!