The Origins of the Jews: Preface

By Yossi Schwartz, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), July 2015,


Preface of the Editorial Board: The following booklet by comrade Yossi Schwartz analyzes the history of the Jews and anti-Semitism. He outlines the emergence and development of discrimination against the Jews, the various forms of anti-Semitism (including its Stalinist version), the relationship of anti-Semitism and Zionism as well as the principles of the Marxist program to fight anti-Semitism.

For over five decades Yossi, an Israeli-Jew, has been a Trotskyist and Anti-Zionist. Since the beginning of his politically activity in the 1960s, he has consistently been a supporter of the Palestinian liberation struggle. Schwartz is a long-time leader of the Internationalist Socialist League which joined the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency in spring 2013, becoming the RCIT’s section in Occupied Palestine/Israel. He currently lives in Jerusalem.

The author has published a number of essays and articles on the Jewish question and the Palestinian liberation struggle against the Zionist state as well as other subjects. In particular we refer readers to his two historical studies on Israel’s wars in 1948 and 1967. (*)

The following booklet was originally written by comrade Schwartz in 2003 and was published by the “International Marxist Tendency” of which he was then a member. The author has edited the document for republication. We republish the booklet not only because of its important historical analysis but also because it addresses and shatters various myths spread by reactionary anti-Semites as well as others circulated by Zionists.



(*) Yossi Schwartz: Israel's War of 1948 and the Degeneration of the Fourth International, in: Revolutionary Communism, Special Issue on Palestine, No. 10, June 2013,

Yossi Schwartz: Israel’s Six-Day War of 1967. On the Character of the War, the Marxist Analysis and the Position of the Israeli Left, in: Revolutionary Communism No. 12, July/August 2013,

For an overview of the Trotskyist strategy for Israel / Occupied Palestine we refer readers to the RCIT’s section program: Summary of the Program of the Internationalist Socialist League, February 2014,

An additional elaboration of the Trotskyist program can be read in: Michael Pröbsting: On some Questions of the Zionist Oppression and the Permanent Revolution in Palestine, in: Revolutionary Communism, Special Issue on Palestine, No. 10, June 2013,