About the Author



Yossi Schwartz was born in Jerusalem in 1945 to a family with roots in Palestine since the 1760s. He was a left Zionist from the age of 15 until his early 20s. In 1966 he protested against the visit of Konrad Adenauer, the chancellor of West Germany, as part of the new alliance of Israel with Germany. Yossi protested this visit with the slogan: six millions times no, because of Adenauer anti-communist political views, because he was a strong supporter of the cold war and because his administration was full of Nazis. Yossi was arrested during the demonstration in Jerusalem after he was beaten by six policemen. He was charged and found guilty of beating up six policemen.


This led him to begin his study of the nature of Zionism which made him an Anti-Zionist. He was a soldier (a medic) in the Israeli army and participated in this role in the 1967 war. He opposed the Israeli side and propagandized against the Israeli war during the war. After 1967 he formed, together with other left figures, the New Left (Shiah) that opposed the 1967 occupation. He was the first person who raised the Palestinian national flag in the Hebrew University in 1968. In response to Golda Meir, the Prime Minister of Israel that began the new settlements in the West Bank, he organized a symbolic settlement in her garden in Jerusalem and was arrested for it.


Yossi became a Trotskyist in 1970 and has been a Trotskyist since then. He was blacklisted in Israel and was forced to leave Israel to survive. He lived in Canada between 1974 and 1998 where he became a lawyer and helped many Palestinians refugees escaping the brutal repression of the Palestinians by Israel during the first Intifada to settle in Canada. Yossi opposed the Oslo agreement and condemned it as a betrayal of the PLO. In 1998 Yossi returned to Israel and since 2003 he supports the idea of one democratic state from the river to the sea – a Red Democratic Palestine. That will be formed by the workers and the fellahins as part of the Arab revolution. Such a state will include all the Palestinian refugees who want to return and all the Israeli Jews who are ready to live as equal to the Palestinians.


Yossi is a member of the Internationalist Socialist League (Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency [RCIT] in Israel / Occupied Palestine) and also a leading member of the RCIT. Furthermore, he is a member of the Movement for One Democratic State in all Palestine.