Action Program for Turkey:  Chapter I. Turkey in the World

We define Turkey as a capitalist country. Its bourgeoisie tries to play the role of a regional power, but its room for maneuvering is limited by the Great Powers — the US, EU, Russia and China — which play a dominant role in the Middle East.


The Turkish ruling class wants to become an accepted regional power, but this project seems more and more improbable given the increasing instability of our region and the whole world. But even if it would be realistic, the workers and oppressed have nothing to gain from such a project with is based on their exploitation and the plundering of smaller nations.


This maneuvering of the ruling class, the efforts of the AKP to establish a dictatorial police state and the instable situation in the neighboring countries will also significantly increase the instability in our country. These developments open big opportunities for revolutionaries, but also for the enemies of the people. The workers and oppressed must fight for a revolution which achieves complete independence from the imperialist great powers. We cannot support or side with one imperialist camp against another. We fight for the complete liberation of all people in the region from foreign domination and oppression. We stand with the famous words of Friedrich Engels who wrote: “A nation cannot be free and at the same time continue to oppress other nations.”