Action Program for Turkey: Introduction

When we closely examine our world, we see the same problems everywhere. Millions work till their backs break, while a relatively few benefit from their labor. Working families are not able to pay back their debts, while the banks get richer and richer every day. Wars destroy hundred of thousands of lives, while those who sell the weapons turn blood into money. The wealth of the poorer countries continually decreases, while the great powers get richer and more powerful. Democratic rights are taken away from the masses of the people, while the powerful who own the media control the government and are in the bed with the generals. Vast landscapes get undergo the effects of droughts and global warming, while the rich water their golf-courses.


This madness is not our fate, it is man-made. And like every other problem that is made by people, it can be changed by people. In the last decade we have witnessed more than ever that the evil in the world is increasing and it will continue to increase if it is not stopped by the masses of the poor and working people.


Sınıf Savaşı, together with its comrades of the RCIT, is fighting to change the system in which we are living into a system that serves the people. Today we all live under one or another version of capitalism, regardless of the specific color it might paint itself. It doesn’t matter if it wears the mask of “democracy,” secularism, Islamism or even “social democracy.” As long as the masses of the people are not really in power and as long as the economy is not in the hands of the workers, nothing really changes. Capitalism divides our society into classes. On the one side are the capitalists, the owners of the banks, the big corporations and the media – on the other side is the working class, which doesn’t have any ownership of the places in which it works but which is creating nearly all the wealth. The classes in between, the peasantry and the middle class (doctors, lawyers, small shop owners, engineers, etc.) are increasingly eroded and become part of the working class and the huge and growing mass of unemployed and poor. Because of its ability to shut down the economy, because of its centralization both in the cities and in the factories and workplaces, and because they don’t have a field or shop they need to be worried about, the working class is the only class that can be revolutionary.

We are fighting for the overthrow of this system which gives us, the workers and poor, no future worth living. We want to build a system in which those who actually do the work and create the world’s wealth rule, and not those who enrich themselves like parasites exploiting the labor of others. The system we are fighting for is socialism. It will combine all achievements of mankind, and will organize the economy in the interest of the workers and poor and a maximum democratic rights for the oppressed. But socialism will not come about spontaneously. It will not fall into our hands like a ripe apple from a tree; it must be taken! Like every other progress made in the history of mankind, it is not given by the powerful, but it must be fought for by the oppressed! To achieve such a system we need to build an organization that is able to lead the working class to power. Such an organization must understand the contradictory development of our society and the various political forces characterizing it. This organization must be able to develop the right tactics for revolutionaries in every situation and forge a revolutionary party for the struggles ahead. Such an organization will be a force that can withstand every form of repression; that will emerge from the ranks of our class, and that will have a close relationship with the popular masses. Sınıf Savaşı is dedicated to build such a party.