The Degenerated Revolution: The Origin and Nature of the Stalinist States

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Note from the Editor: Below we reprint a book published by the predecessor organization of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) - the League for a Revolutionary Communist International (LRCI). It was originally published in 1982 and reprinted in 2003 with a new Appendix which included some necessary theoretical corrections.

A summary of the RCIT's theoretical understanding of Stalinism can be found in Michael Pröbsting's book "Cuba‘s Revolution Sold Out? The Road from Revolution to the Restoration of Capitalism" (see chapter II). It can be read online here.

Michael Pröbsting is the International Secretary of the RCIT.






Introduction (2003)


Preface (1982) (see the PDF file above)


The transition from capitalism to communism


From soviet power to soviet Bonapartism – the degeneration of the Russian Revolution


The survival and expansion of Stalinism after the Second World War


Bureaucratic social revolutions and the Marxist theory of the state


Tito and Mao: disobedient Stalinists (see the PDF file above)


Vietnam's long revolution – a history of war, compromise and betrayal


Castro’s “Cuban road” - from populism to Stalinism


The permanent revolution aborted


Stalinism and the world working class


The programme of political revolution (see the PDF file above)


The defence of the USSR and of the degenerate workers’ states (see the PDF file above)


Centrism and Stalinism – the falsification of Trotsky’s analysis


Appendix: Marxism, Stalinism and the theory of the state