The 1952 Revolution in Bolivia


By José Villa




Introduction by the Editorial Board


Below we republish a long document on the history of the Bolivian Revolution in 1952. It was written in 1992 by José Villa, a Bolivian comrade who was at that time a member of the RCIT’s predecessor organization – the League for a Revolutionary Communist International (LRCI).


The document was published in Spanish language in the journal Bases No.5 (Autumn 1992). A shortened English language version appeared in the special Bolivia issue of Revolutionary History Vol.4, No.3 (Summer 1992). Later, the Marxist Internet Archive published the complete version ( The text was translated by Mike Jones.




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The 1952 Revolution


How the 4th International and the POR betrayed the revolution which could have carried Trotskyism to power.


by José Villa






1. Introduction


2. The Menshevik positions of the POR and of Lora in April


3. International repercussions of the interview with Lora


4. Rebelión against the Permanent Revolution


5. The POR supports the Bourgeois Government


6. Co-Government


7. The POR seeks to enter the bourgeois government


8. The collaborationist programme of the POR


9. The POR did not struggle for the occupation of the enterprises


10. All Power to the COB!


11. Turn the COB Into A Soviet!


12. The MNR-POR Government


13. All power to the MNR Left Wing!