V. The Key Slogans for the Revolutionary Class Struggle

25.          The most important slogans for the current hotspots of class struggle in the Arab world are:

* Defend Yemen against the al-Saud Gang of Aggressors! Support the resistance led by the Houthi rebels while, at the same time, not giving any political support to their leadership! No return of the reactionary lackey “President” al-Hadi! For a mass movement which unites Sunni and Shia workers and fellahin, one which is based on solidarity and respect for all groups! For the founding of popular action councils and armed militias to defend Yemen against Saudi aggression and to advance the Second Revolution! Build an independent revolutionary workers party to fight for political leadership in the popular action councils and the militias!

* Defend the Palestinian people against Israel, the Zionist Apartheid state! In any conflict we stand for the military victory of the Palestinian resistance and the defeat of Israel! For an international workers’ and popular boycott campaign against Israel! No political support for the Abbas/Fatah collaborationist leadership or for the bourgeois Hamas leadership! For the unrestricted right of return for all Palestinians and their descendents who have been expelled by the Zionists since 1948! For a Free, Red Palestine from the River to the Sea! No to the recognition of the Zionist state by the reformist Party of the European Left, the Stalinists, or the CWI led by Peter Taaffee!

* Down with the military dictatorship of General al-Sisi in Egypt! Support the workers’ strikes and mass protests against the butcher’s dictatorship! Defend the Muslim Brotherhood against its repression, but give no political support to their bourgeois leadership! Denounce the support of the Egyptian Communist Party for the al-Sisi regime! Shame on those pseudo-revolutionaries (e.g., Revolutionary Socialists/IST, IMT led by Alan Woods, 6 April Movement) who failed to condemn the coup d’état of 3 July 2013 and who failed to defend the mass protests led by the Islamists when thousands of them were slaughtered by the army!

* Support the revolution in Syria! Down with the Assad regime! No to any intervention by US and EU imperialism! No to any collaboration with the imperialists! Support the rebels against the Assad regime, but give no political support for the pro-Western FSA or the Islamist leaderships! For workers’ and popular councils and militias to organize the continuation of the civil war against the Assad dictatorship! For international solidarity brigades! Defend the right of the Kurds to national-self-determination!

* Defend the Sunni popular insurrection against the Iraqi army! Down with reactionary sectarianism! Drive IS/Daash forces out of the resistance movement! Defend the Kurdish and Yazidi people against IS/Daash forces! Support the Kurdish people’s right of self-determination! For a united and socialist Kurdistan!

* Put an end to the counter-revolution of the old elite in Tunisia! No support for the bourgeois, pro-imperialist government led by Nidaa Tounes joined by the bourgeois Ennahda party! No to Salafist terrorism! Socialists must not form joint parties with petty-bourgeois-nationalist groups as we have witnessed in the case of the Front populaire (al-Jabha)! For an independent Workers’ Party based on a revolutionary program!

* Defeat General Haftar and his pro-imperialist clique in Libya! Fight against all attempts by the imperialist powers and their lackeys to bring Libya under their control and annihilate the achievements of the unfinished democratic revolution against the Gaddafi dictatorship! While currently the main enemy is the pro-imperialist clique of General Haftar, socialists must work towards the formation of popular councils and militias which are independent of the Islamists!

* Down with Obama’s crusade in the Middle East! Defeat the military intervention of US imperialism and their allies in all countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, etc.)! Side with the resistance struggle against the US-led war of aggression even if it is led by Islamist forces! But give no political support to such leaderships! For the independent mass struggle led by the working class against the imperialists and their stooges! Denounce the social democrats, Stalinists, and centrists who either support the imperialist war of aggression or who remain neutral!

* Defeat the colonial wars of French imperialism in Mali and the Central African Republic! Solidarity with the resistance, while giving no political support to their petty-bourgeois Islamist leaderships! Denounce the French “Communist” Party’s (PCF) refusal to vote in parliament (on 14.1.2015) against the extension of France’s participation in the imperialist war in Iraq!

* For international mass mobilizations to defeat US aggression! For demonstrations, strikes, and direct actions in those countries taking part in Obama’s crusade in the Middle East and all other regions!

* End Islamophobic racism against Muslim migrants in Europe and North America! Defend the Muslims against racist attacks! For self-defense units of Muslim and non-Muslim workers and youth to defend migrant living areas, schools, and mosques! Repeal the ban against wearing the hijab or burka!

* France: No to “l’unité nationale” with the Hollande Government and the Capitalists! Down with the Police State! No to the deployment of soldiers on the streets of France! Denounce the PCF’s support for the 11 January “national unity” demonstrations!

* "Je ne suis pas Charlie" – We are NOT Charlie! Oppose individual acts of terrorism like the attack on the office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo! But show no solidarity with the sexism of Charlie Hebdo nor with its racism against Muslim people and their religion! The workers’ movement should boycott the distribution of Charlie Hebdo – don't transport, don't sell, and don't buy this magazine! No to the solidarity of left-wing parties (PCF, FdG, NPA, LO) with the racist magazine Charlie Hebdo!

* Open the Borders for Refugees! No to the imperialist fortresses EU and US! The workers’ movement and all democratic forces must sabotage the imperialist border patrol regime in order to help refugees entering Europe and North America! For a public employment program to provide refugees with jobs and housing financed by seizing the enormous wealth of the super-rich!

* Full Equal Rights for Migrants! For equal wages! Support the migrant’s right to use their native language in public administration and schools! For full voting rights for migrants regardless of their passport!

* For workers’ and peasant republics and a socialist federation of the Middle East!

* Onward to the building of revolutionary workers’ parties as part of a new World Party of Socialist Revolution!