Struggle for power - the strategy of permanent revolution

A socialist revolution is not "conquering" the state via elections and it is not building "free spaces", that is, "socialist" islands inside the capitalist societies. It begins by mobilising the working class and the oppressed for the permanent struggle against the bosses and imperialist rulers and organising them in independent organisations (militant unions, socialist women, youth etc. movements, revolutionary parties). To be strong enough to challenge the power of the ruling class the working class and the oppressed must create their own organs, councils of action, and arm themselves in popular militias. Based on such fighting organs the working class can take power via an armed insurrection against the capitalist state. Only such a socialist revolution, which destroys the state of the capitalists and abolishes their ownership in the economy, can open the road towards socialism.

But the socialist revolution is not a single act. It starts by preparing the insurrection and it continues after taking power. It has to break the resistance of the old ruling class and defend the country against any foreign capitalist invasion. It must build a new, workers’ state which also oversees the building of a planned economy. It must initiate a cultural revolution eradicating all forms of oppression and prejudices against national minorities, women, youth, lesbian and gays etc.

The strategy of permanent revolution also includes the internationalisation of the revolution. Because if the revolution succeeds in one country the ruling classes in other countries and particularly in the imperialist metropoles will try everything in their power to drive the revolution back. This is why US imperialism has blockaded and isolated Cuba for decades or why it builds military bases in Venezuela’s neighbour, Columbia. The struggle for socialist revolution will last until the working class takes power both in semi-colonies in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa and in the imperialist centres of power in North America, Europe and Asia.



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