World Perspectives 2016: Chapter V. Building a New Revolutionary World Party: The Crucial Task in the Coming Period


123.        The RCIT has outlined in its Open Letter for Revolutionary Unity the urgent need to advance the building of a new revolutionary world party. The sharp aggravation of the contradictions between the classes as well as between the Great Powers, the counterrevolutionary offensive of the ruling classes, the defeats and disorientation of the workers’ movement as well as the revolutionary upheavals which lie ahead – all these make the struggle to replace the existing reformist and populist leaderships with a revolutionary party a question of life and death for the working class liberation struggle.


124.        We call upon revolutionaries around the world to join us in the struggle to advance political and organizational unity. The immediate task ahead is to win over sectors of the workers’ vanguard to a solid and tested revolutionary program. This cannot be done purely by means of propaganda, but absolutely requires exemplary mass work in the most important struggles of the workers and oppressed.


125.        This however should not be done on a purely national level, but rather in the international domain. The Marxist program and its method of struggle and organization do not derive from local or national conditions, but from the international and historical experience of the revolutionary workers’ movement. The RCIT calls upon revolutionaries around the world to engage with us in collaboration and discussion around the issues raised in the Open Letter. True, authentic revolutionaries are still small in numbers today. But with a revolutionary program, an activist orientation, and a correct understanding of the main developments in the present historical period, Marxists will be able to fuse with the most advanced sectors of the proletariat and the oppressed and make leaps forward in the formation of the key instrument for our liberation struggle: the formation of a new revolutionary world party.