Forward in Building the Fifth Workers' International!

Founding Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency


The economic crises since 2008 have shaken the world. These events destroyed the illusions of almost all who believed that there could be permanent economic growth as well as more and more profits for the capitalists after the end of the Cold War. It opened a new period of human history. In this new historical period - a revolutionary period – the contradictions between our class, the working class, and the class of capitalists are sharpening. It is a period of not just more misery, poverty, exploitation and wars but also of class struggles and revolutions. During this period, the collapse of global capitalism is approaching.

The crisis of 2008/09, caused by capitalism itself, destroyed the livelihoods of millions and the products of the work of hundreds of thousands of workers and labourers. This and the efforts of the capitalists, to shift the costs of the crisis onto the shoulders of the wage earners, threaten to throw layer upon layer of our class in ever greater poverty. This went so far that now even the "privileged" workers of the rich countries increasingly come under pressure and gradually see their achievements disappear. However, this crisis hit to a much greater extent the growing parts of our class who live in poor countries - the semi-colonies. The crisis and desire of the international corporations for more profit also destroyed the livelihoods of millions of small peasants around the world and led to food riots and rebellions in the so-called "Third World".

This crisis also laid the foundation for tremendous conflicts between the ruling nations. The crisis ended the USA’s role as a fully dominant imperialist power. It intensified the competition between the United States, China, EU, Russia and Japan about the question of who can master what part of the earth. This can and will – if it cannot be prevented by our class in alliance with the oppressed peoples – lead to more wars fought over the division of the world. There is also the danger of a direct conflict between the imperialist countries which could exceed the mass murder of World War 2.

The system of capitalism pushes at its limits everywhere. In its demise it threatens to destroy even the basics of human life such as the environment and the means of production. The rich and powerful are unable and unwilling to save the environment, the basis for a future worth living, or even just to spare it.

The crisis has not only worsened the lives of our class. It has also demonstrated what great tasks lie ahead with which the present leadership cannot cope.

Despite the reassurance of the reformists, bureaucrats and bourgeois democrats, the workers and the oppressed of many countries did not stop fighting. North Africa and the Middle East since January 2011 have seen a revolutionary wave by the masses, which brought numerous dictators to falter or even saw them swept away. The impoverished youth of Great Britain in August 2011 took the initiative and impressively rose up against the police, injustice and the system that oppresses them. In several European countries, there were general strikes and street battles that have raised the question: "Who has the power - the rich and the Parliament or the masses who truly represent the society?"

The oppressed peoples of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Chechnya and Somalia fight heroically with arms in hand against imperialism and its henchmen.

Today, inspired by the Arab revolution, an anti-capitalist movement emerged. In its essence it is directed against the effects of the system and the economic crisis. It opens many possibilities for our class, but at the same time has many weaknesses. So today the movement is led and dominated by middle class, democratic-pacifist forces. We Bolshevik-Communists fight for the working class to become the leading force in this movement so that it evolves into a revolutionary communist direction. This is the only way that it can be successful. The heart of the movement needs to move from the universities and occupied squares to the large companies and working-class neighbourhoods, from the limited forms of protest such as demonstrations and peaceful blockades to strikes, factory occupations, street battles and general strikes.

Despite the resistance of the oppressed against the system, as well as those which protect and represent it, the struggles did not end with a victory of the oppressed. Unemployment infects growing sectors of society, there are still famines, wars, and the next economic crisis is near. Why is this so? Because our class and all oppressed have no consistent revolutionary leadership, which is fighting for them and not for privileges. The bureaucracy, which is at the top of the labour movement, paralyzes them. These bureaucrats have no interest to carry out the class struggle, to fight for the rights of their rank and file. No, they primarily want their privileges they get from the state and the capitalists. The class struggle is very inconvenient for them.

The social-democratic, reformist parties act more and more against the rights of our class. Not only do they not lead a fight for the rights of wage earners. Instead, they undermine them, and often they even act together with the police against striking and demonstrating workers and youth. They want to defend at all costs the bourgeois state and to make a policy in the interests of capitalism.

The centrist organisations hide behind a pseudo-revolutionary phraseology with its role as the left flank of reformism and the labour bureaucracy. They adapt themselves to the bureaucracy. In a time of intense class struggle, they don’t show the workers a useful, revolutionary perspective for the struggle, but stumble around awkwardly and hinder our class in the struggle (in the UK e.g. several centrist organisations denounced the working class youth, which took part in the August 2011 uprising).

All this illustrates on one hand the potential strength of our class and the oppressed, and on the other hand, the current lack of and the urgent need for a revolutionary leadership that guides the masses in the struggle. It also shows the need to rally the most progressive and militant workers and youth around a revolutionary programme. We have developed such a program that, while drawing lessons from past struggles and the conditions of the new revolutionary period, shows the way for the vanguard of our class in the struggle. We Bolsheviks-Communists reject the politics of left reformism and centrism which leads the masses astray or to reinforce illusions. The masses can only be won by honestly telling the truth. We, therefore, say to the vanguard of the working class, what is necessary in order to win as a class, and not what is popular at a particular moment.

Today, three years after the world economic crisis of 2008, the situation is more dramatic than ever. We are on the eve of a recent economic crisis that will make the crisis of 2008 look rather small. The situation is so bad that the capitalists of many countries are preparing for civil war against our class. In the future, the capitalists, if they cannot trap the bourgeois democracy any longer, will use means like the military dictatorship, the dictatorial police state, the expansion of surveillance and armed fascist gangs even in "democratic" Europe to save their power.

In this situation of intensification of class antagonisms, we are founding the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT). We do not address this call and the whole work of our organisation to the bourgeois parties, governments or parliaments. We address ourselves also to the bureaucrats and reformists of the unions or the remaining "labour parties" because they will betray our class when they can. We address ourselves not to the middle class and NGOs because they shall never be able to make history.

We address this call and our entire organisation to the oppressed and exploited masses of the world. We address all those who have a reason to change the society, to build a future worth living for our class. We wish to speak to all those who keep the society going through their work and on whose bones the modern world are built. We are appealing to the workers of the rich and the poor countries because they are the only force that can secure the future of mankind. We are appealing to the young people in our class who have so often proved in recent years their courage at the barricades and whose power should not be wasted by capitalism. We are appealing to the oppressed peoples, because the system can offer them only war and the tyranny of imperialism. We address all the oppressed, women, migrants and national minorities, because for them capitalism in its death agony often cannot even offer the most basic human rights.

In our programme, "The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto" we have submitted the RCIT’s lessons of past struggles and our perspective for the road to socialist revolution. It is the answer of the Bolshevik-Communists to the challenges of the coming class struggles.

The task of our class and all oppressed will be to form from its ranks on a revolutionary basis - the Fifth Workers' International. Only such a world party of socialist revolution can lead the relentless class struggle to the global elimination of capitalism. Its task will be to open a new era of mankind, an era of prosperity, equality, liberty and justice for all, in short to establish the reign of world socialism. Building the Fifth Workers' International workers is the central task of RCIT.

But to achieve this we must fight. We have a world to win. We must beat a world of enemies. We need to push the class enemy, which threatens to strangle mankind, relentlessly from its throne and establish the rule of our class. Join the RCIT!

Forward to the Fifth Workers' International!

For a worldwide red federation of workers 'and peasants' republic through the world revolution!

Socialism or Barbarism!