Kenya: Active Boycott of the Election – Prepare for the Uprising!

Organize Mass Demonstrations and a General Strike! Build Action Committees and Self-Defence Units in Work Places, Neighbourhoods, Schools and Villages!


Joint Statement of the Pan African Movement – Kenyan Chapter, the Economic Liberation Association (Zambia) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 11.10.2017




1.             Raila Odinga, leader and presidential candidate of Kenya’s main opposition force, the National Super Alliance (NASA), has withdrawn his participation in the presidential election re-run ordered by the country’s Supreme Court. He gave as reasons for his withdrawal the lack of electoral reforms like the replacement of suppliers of equipment used to transmit election results and the replacement of electoral officials the opposition claimed were complicit in electoral fraud.


2.             Odingas’ reasons for withdrawal are more than justified. There can be not the slightest doubt that the reactionary and pro-imperialist regime of President Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to hold power by any means necessary. It organized massive fraud in the last election, hold on 8 August, which was later annulled by the Supreme Court, and will try the same in any future election. Furthermore, the regime intensified the repression against democratic activists and oppositional politicians (e.g. the arrest of Babu Owino) in the past weeks. It even went so far to close the University of Nairobi, Kenya’s largest and oldest university, on 3 October after massive protests of students.


3.             There are talks amongst oppositionial forces about a boycott of the election. However, there exists a serious danger that Odinga and the leadership of the National Super Alliance is mainly interested in some political manoeuvres instead of seriously challenging the Kenyatta regime. The opposition’s leadership is a bourgeois force which has no interest in removing the fundamental illnesses of the country – the super-exploitation by imperialist powers (US, EU and China) and the oppression by a thoroughly corrupt and repressive state apparatus wedded with the ruling capitalist class.


4.             It is useless to hope for some serious reforms by the existing regime. It is urgent that all consistent democrats and socialists unite in order to organize an active boycott of the election. We call for the creation of action committees in work places, neighbourhoods, schools and villages to organize the resistance! Only such mass organs of self-organization will allow the people not to become the passive instrument of politicians’ manoeuvres. It is important to start now with mobilising for mass demonstrations and a general strike against the electoral fraud! Likewise we propose to organize self-defence units so that the people can defend themselves against the police thugs.


5.             Real change will not come via elections. It will only be the result of a popular uprising against the regime which will open the road to a socialist revolution. We repeat that the only solution for Kenya’s and Africa’s burden of exploitation and oppression is the expulsion of all great powers, the expropriation of the big corporations and the super-rich elite as well as the abolition of capitalism.


6.             We call all activists who share such an outlook to unite in building a revolutionary party in Kenya and international! Join us in this struggle!


Long live a free and socialist Kenya! Long live the United Socialist States of Africa!




Pan African Movement – Kenyan Chapter


Economic Liberation Association (Zambia),


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, México, Venezuela, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Germany, Britain and Austria),




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